The Fashion week is critical for Fashion brands in China

Held twice a year, The Shanghai Fashion Week(SFW) is one  of the biggest fashion events  in China. It allows Chinese local designers to present their fashion work to the fashion world and introducing the current Chinese fashion trend on the professional platform. It normally lasts for a month including other associateed fashion events (i.e : ‘ Mood Shanghai trade fair and “MICAM shanghai” shoes trade show, fashion seminars or fashion party ).


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Today’s fashion world including in China, is no longer decades ago which only belongs to people from high society. And it is also not just fashion brand with

The fashion world do not belong to high flyers like it used to decades ago. Super model are no longer making the magasines’cover to be the focus of normal people desire. Nowadays fashion has become a way for people to express themselves and show their own creativity very easily. Digital has made it even easier for people

What should you know about the Shanghai Fashion Week from a digital marketing perspective?

Digital is a double-edged sword

Digital allows :

  • To bring people together
  • Give more business opportunities
  • Help raise brand awareness
  • Discuss the latest hot topics


Firstly, fashion week goes social media. Chinese number one social site YOUKU has been authorized by the host of SFW as the only official website to cover the event live. This will not just greatly promote the fashion show, but also increase the number of viewers on YOUKU, and of course, it will go viral during and after each shows during the SFW. You can imagine Social Media Networks like Sina Webo and Wechat will have millions of netizens and users to share news from the events.The Good or the Bad, the exciting or the boring will all be exposed in front of the audience. So as you can see the power of social media can successfully enhance the event or turn it into a disaster.

  • Technology expands the possibilities of Fashion design

3D printing technology has been used for fashion design! It is not just one particular fashion brand, but many and for a wide range of fashion wares, from hat to shirts, from rings to dresses. Many designers put 3D elements into their fashion designs. One is from Chinese

Underwear brand AIMU which gained the huge success on the fashion show and media attention. According to Forbes, the 3D printing technology will be a $3.1 billion industry and the prices will double by 2020. What’s the information behind the 3D printing technology? It is new, and just like 20 years ago no one would think that computer could be so useful in our life. So you can imagine how the technology could be developed in few a years and become an essential part of fashion design as well as other innovative products.


  • Good fashion brands need a good platform to present their work, and a good marketing team .

There are more than 350 brands and associations in this year SWF. Who is going to stand out from the crowd of fashion brands?

  • Firstly is the fashion garment and art work from the design,
  • Secondly, is how your PR team helps you catching the most attention from press media to newspaper from social media to Television.
  • It is all about how your marketing strategy can bring you the maximum coverage from the media durnig the week.

I guess the face mask YUNIFANG and the Chinese Designer fashion brand MLGB’s collaboration made the fashion night show. There are working on a head band together and the head band was going through the whole show. I think this is not only the idea of the designer, but also the whole marketing team that made the show. They understood how to get the most attention from the media.


  • Apart from the show, the trade fair provides not just domestic fashion brand business opportunity but also internationally.

Most Foreign and local designers look for franchisees, buyers or distributors to developp their business in China. In addition, they are looking for media coverage and marketing and advertising planning, especially online marketing.

This comes to how a marketing expertise can deliver a marketing strategy for them, SEM? Online social media? Or community management?

All in all, Shanghai fashion week provides a platform not just for fashion brand, but also big opportunities for other business. Fashion needs to go along with digital trends to evolve.After all, we have already seen the first results of a partnership. Fashion needs to have a good HR team to manage the brand well. Fashion has a lot of potential in China!

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