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Amongst all the generic tiring 10 day 11 city travel trips it is only a matter of time that the travel industry will need to evolve in order to keep up with the ever-expanding market. According to World Travel Organization there will be over 100 million Chinese citizens traveling abroad by 2020. Incorporating entertainment, education, to investments themes into travel trips it can spark many businesses opportunities to catch Chinese citizens’ interests in traveling.

Entertainment Themed Traveling

Entertainment Themed Traveling
Entertainment Themed Traveling

The cheapest and easiest form of entertainment Chinese citizens can access is television. With numerous fake DVD stores and countless web sites with every program TV program imaginable available to the Chinese masses. According to CNN television series makes a strong influence on the generation of Chinese travelers. In the last decade shows like CSI and Friends have become one of the biggest pop culture phenomenon amongst the younger Chinese citizens who has now grown up to be affluent travelers. With these strong presence many tourist agents are capitalizing on this by making high-end 10-day cross-country tours all over America to show case Hollywood and many other popular TV show sites. These tours create infinite opportunities for Chinese travelers  for photos ops and much souvenir shopping, amongst their favorite activities to do while traveling.


Educational Traveling

Educational Traveling
Educational Traveling

It has become more common for affluent Chinese citizens to send their kids abroad to receive a higher education. Education is highly valued in the Chinese society and it is no doubt the number one concern for middle to upper class Chinese parents. In order to get a competitive edge in the white-collar work force it is no longer enough to attain a degree from top universities in China. For the 80s and 90s generation is it in vogue to send them to Europe or the United States for a more diverse and global form of education. Other than getting a more competitive edge in job hunting it is also a tremendous gain of face for both the parents and the children to be able to claim that their college degree was attained abroad. The U.S. government has reported that Asians make up for over 90% of college enrollment rate in the country despite their much lower population numbers compared to all other races.
For young westerners, traveling is something that is done independently or with friends and usually financed with money they’ve saved or earned. It is a completely different scenario for young Chinese.

First of all Chinese youth probably get the most financial support from their parents during their high school and college years. This is a crucial age for them because attending the right college is the first stepping-stone into adulthood and the first indication of success or failure in society. With education as the number one priority parents spare no expenses to ensure their kids get the best resources to attend a prestigious school and usually have money set aside for their education fees.

With traveling being one of the most popular leisure activities for the middle to upper class Chinese travel agents and universities can capitalize on this in making an ordinary summer vacation into an educational one.


Investment Traveling

Investment Traveling
Investment Traveling


To the western world business and leisure is like oil and water, it should remain separated. But in the Chinese culture the two is shaken together to mix as one. With soaring inflated property prices in China citizens are constantly looking abroad to invest their surplus income. In China citizens technically own their property but not land because land belongs to the communist government the thought of being able to own a piece of land and a property in a foreign country for a fairly affordable price can be a real drawl to Chinese citizens. Chinese people have a constant desire to purchase lands and properties as a way to expand their wealth. Some people like to invest in stocks, some in businesses, Chinese people believe in real estate. Other than personal homes and lands there are numerous other investments like wineries, vacation homes, or business properties. All these sectors, if done right can draw put a big boost to the lacking real estate market for countries like the United States. And for Chinese citizens they are always on the look out for any investment potentials while they out exploring other parts of the world.
With the ever-evolving tourism industry catering to the Chinese people, how do you think you can get a slice of this massive travel pie?


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