The Store-Checkers

The Store-Checkers, leader for retail audit in China

What is store-check in China?

The store-check is a review of the merchandising and the presence of product items on the shelves. It is usually done by specific personnel who show reliability and efficiency for this kind of in-field examinations. Store-checks are done to let the brand verify if the products are well-displayed and if it is well-handled by the sellers in the shop. Moreover, the data collected during a store check can be useful to help the brand to better understand the market and to adapt the strategy and the marketing operation in-store.

The Store-check is a quantitative and qualitative method to analyze the presence and the performance of products in display shelves of one or several outlets. It includes gathering in particular information about the shops selling the product, the brand and product offering, localization of the category in the shop and the space allocated, the presentation on the shelf, the pricing level…


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The Store Checkers

 The Store-checkers provides valuable solution for in-store verification

The Store-Checkers

The Store-Checkers is a form providing tools to get a better view on its distribution channel in China. The founders, three young entrepreneurs in Shanghai, understood that the biggest companies as well as the SMEs barely get information about their distributors, franchisees and local branches actions. They all three have strong experience of China market; thus they know that, especially in China, it is crucial to can assess how the brand guidelines are followed in store.

Therefore the founders of The Store-Checkers developed a solution to provide regular checks to make sure that all outlets keep following brand instructions or the terms of the contract. It allows The Store-Checkers’ clients to easily and quickly identify problems.

The service of The Store-Checkers is divided into three main solutions. The staff is specialized in store checks, retail audits and brand guideline compliance checks.

Bounty Hunter, a reliable and innovative apps for Store Checks in China

Bounty Hunter

Store Check and in-store performance is a crucial stake in retail in China; however, it can seem time-consuming, expensive and not adapted for nationwide store chains. That is why The Store-Checkers’ team has designed a mobile application which aims to provide faster, cheaper and reliable store-checks in China. This application is name Bounty Hunter. It allows fieldwork operators to complete store checks questionnaires using an electronic device (mobile phones, tablets) and it requires taking pictures or audio records to prove the reliability of the check.

This system permits to The Store-Checkers to gather quickly all the data, coming from all over China, and to design updated reporting to its clients.

As reliability is crucial for the founders, The Store Checkers has its own store-checking specialists who use their experience to monitor the results and remove findings which are not theoretically possible or relevant.


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