The rise of short video e-commerce on Kuaishou

Kuaishou, as one of the most famous short video apps in China, has more than 200 million daily active users, and 80% of users are born after 1990, among which the average of using time can achieve more than 60 minutes per person per day.  Moreover, 19 million people have earned income from Kuaishou. In the user distribution, users in first-tier cities only account for 10%, while users in second and third-tier cities are the main users of Kuaishou.

Partnership with CCTV for the Chinese New year gala

The short video App Kuaishou has established an exclusive interactive partnership with CCTV (the National TV Channel) for the annual New Year’s Gala.

Be the official partner of CCTV, Kuaishou will have the exclusive managing rights to the commercials and promotional advertising leading up to the gala, the live streaming App of the event, and other interactive promos, but it will also send out red packets to Chinese citizens throughout the national festival. The CCTV show is one of the most seen in China.

Kuaishou won the bet on CCTV  against big tech giants such as Alibaba, ByteDance, and Pinduoduo. With the Chinese Spring Festival, Kuaishou‘s goal of reaching 300 million daily active users (DAU) before the Chinese New Year has been further

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Why short video e-commerce can be successful in Kuaishou?

Bai Jiale, the head of operations for Kuaishou, shared the secret about the rise of short video e-commerce on Kuaishou.

He holds that Kuaishou is characterized by recording and sharing, People record and share their lives through photos, short videos, and live streaming. The focus of e-commerce is to make offline sales online, so Kuaishou has made it possible to turn offline operation mode online through live streaming and a short video.

The rise of short video e-commerce on Kuaishou benefits from three factors: People, products, sales platforms.

(1) Kuaishou achieves social precipitation through high-quality content and finally achieves profitability. This can be divided into four different ways. The first is that sellers attract attention through short videos and then make money from ads within short videos, a common practice on most social platforms. The second is that sellers attract attention through short videos, and short video e-commerce makes profits. The third way is for sellers to attract attention through short videos and then making profits through live streaming. Finally, sellers can attract fans through live streaming and make profits directly in this way, which can bring a large number of highly interactive consumers.


(2) Through exploration, Kuaishou found that through short video or live streaming, consumers can better get close to the source of goods, and sellers can show the characteristics of different products in the source of goods. Kuaishou insists on promoting activities related to brand traceability in different industries, including exclusive brand events, to boost sales.

(3) Kuaishou connects itself with e-commerce platforms like Taobao, Pinduoduo, and JD by taking advantage of the platform’s interoperability. For short video e-commerce, it is characterized by product introduction, large flow, strong interactivity, and high conversion rate.

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To sum up, the overall advantages of short video e-commerce on Kuaishou lie in user scale, shopping guide, product performance, and purchase transformation.

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