The Insights of Kid’s Jewelry Market in China

Kids' jewelry market in China
Kids' jewelry market in China

Jewelry culture in China is one of the oldest in the world; it dates back to 5000 Bc. Representing spiritual values and social status, jewelry has always been very meaningful and emotionally valuable to Chinese people.

Although China’s jewelry market is centuries old, the jewelry market for kids is still evolving. The rise in income for Chinese consumers and the availability of cheaper metals have increased demand for kids’ jewelry. Some brands have started to produce traditional pieces with a modern twist to try and take advantage of this opportunity.

Kid's jewelry market in China

Jewelry is a Chinese heritage

For centuries, jewelry had high cultural value for Chinese people. From birth to marriage, anniversaries, and graduations, Chinese people have always celebrated each other and life with gifts of precious little pieces of jewelry. And today, according to Euromonitor, the jewelry market in China has already passed the $100 billion mark in 2020 and shows no signs of slowing down any time soon.

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Gold jewelry: Symbol of prosperity

Gold jewelry is hugely popular among Chinese consumers, who see it as a symbol of prosperity and abundance. China is one of the world’s top markets for gold jewelry consumption, second only to India. Traditional Chinese culture values gold highly. It plays an important role in many ceremonies and celebrations.

18ct & 22ct gold has entered the market

24 ct gold was once the only preference of Chinese jewelry lovers. However, things have started to change with the new generations opting for alternatives. It is not just the value but the style that matters to them. Also with 18ct gold, it became possible for larger consumer groups to afford delicate and stylish items.

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Welcoming a baby to the world: what a golden moment

Just like anywhere in the world, the birth of a new baby is a respected tradition and a very significant event to be celebrated in Chinese culture. Most traditionally, the newborn baby receives a tiny little 24k golden bracelet together with red beads in a red little box from the elder members of the family, friends, or even colleagues of the parents.

These little treasures of gold specially crafted for the newborn are the perfect way to send blessings wishing a healthy and happy life. The most popular items are;

  • Newborn bracelets
  • Longevity locks
  • Baby bangles
  • Lucky charms
  • Pendants
  • Gemstones
  • Baby charms
  • Necklaces

Although older generations of Chinese people are very fond of their traditional styles and looks, the new generations are more curious about blending culture with modernism. That is why they show interest in foreign brands’ products blended with Chinese symbols, something unique in the global market in the jewelry industry.

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A rising trend in gifting kids’ jewelry: Silver and valuable stones

It’s not solely babies that receive jewelry. In China, it’s becoming pretty normal to gift kids jewelry on different occasions such as birthday celebrations, graduations, and Chinese New Year celebrations. For young kids especially, there is a high demand for silver, valuable stones, and precious metals.

The reason behind this demand is, children are now finding fashionable items through social media platforms. They watch the videos of influencers and see what brands such as Swarovski or Pandora have to offer. So they can be in trend with the latest pieces of jewelry.

A unique piece of metal passes from one generation to the next

Elder members of the family, such as grandparents, often purchase jewelry for two reasons; to safeguard against inflation and to express their affection for relatives. For many elders, jewelry keeps a significant place in their lives because it is a highly respected tradition to pass down unique pieces from one generation to the next. This is why precious metal jewelry, gold, or even platinum jewelry are passed from older generations to younger ones and are treated as an investment.

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How to succeed in the kids’ jewelry market in China

For brands to be successful in the Chinese jewelry market for kids, they need to provide products that are one-of-a-kind and meet customer expectations. Even though Chinese consumers love modern items, they still value Chinese traditions and cultural symbols. To fill this gap in the market, some smart companies have created their kids’ collections.

One example is Chow Tai Fook (one of the most popular Hong Kong brands) which teamed up with Disney and Marvel for its children’s and baby gift jewelry sets specially crafted for Chinese consumers.

Jewelry Brands must go digital

In recent years, even long before the pandemic, jewelry brands have begun to focus on multi-brand strategy and digital solutions, creating platforms and focusing on their social media presence in Mainland China, to address young consumers.

Even though customers still want to visit specialty stores to try on before they buy jewelry, there is an even stronger need for online shopping that uses immersive technology. The goal for domestic and foreign companies is to connect with sophisticated customers while developing new opportunities for brand engagement.

Kids' jewelry market in China

Brands that aim to engage Chinese consumers and get them interested in what they’re selling, must consider enabling private consultations or 3D product visualization. Offering a unique experience that jumps from the offline to the online world is especially important when appealing to new-generation consumers, who are the only future of the entire market.

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