The 20 highest standard residential apartment compounds in Beijing

Housing offer in Beijing is massive, the city has expanded in all directions, apartment buildings have been created all over the city. However, the vast majority of these apartments do not meet demanding expatriates’ standards.

Here are 20 high-standard compounds, well designed, some of them are even magnificent, with large, clean, comfortable living rooms, bathrooms, and kitchens. These are the places where demanding expatriates want to live when they come to Beijing.

1) Central Park

 This one is in Beijing CBD, the central place in Chaoyang district, favored by large companies. This is a very good location, not far from Chaoyang Park and Sanlitun, major attractions for foreign expatriates.

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This residence is comprised of 12 buildings, with expensive rents and a wide choice of apartments: there is 2.000 residential units around a 10 hectares garden. Apartments exist in different layouts; from middle to large sizes, but all of them are very beautiful, with nice contemporary furniture. Here, you have what you pay for, beautiful interior designs and the choice between two clubhouses. The largest one is the Alexander Clubhouse, definitely among the best in Beijing, with an indoor swimming pool, fitness center, spa, everything top standard.

The surroundings have definitely attractive features: a row of nice foreign restaurants open for lunch, and closed for the diner to maintain the place calm and protected. It is as family-friendly, with a Kindergarten next to the compound, and large green areas. You can live a warm and comfortable life with kids in Central Park apartments. The drawback can be that you’ll have the feeling of living inside a wold metropolis, a bit cast away from traditional China.

2) Park Apartments   

This one is a top choice for diplomats in Beijing. Located at the west of Chaoyang Park, this compound is close to both the Sanlitun diplomatic district and the 3rd diplomatic district in Liangmaqiao. Great to live in Beijing in a luxury apartment while being at 10 mins walk from the Sanlitun Village, the place where you’ll find the highest concentration of foreign restaurants, bars, and fashion shops.

The flat you’ll rent in Park Apartments will be inside a unique high-rise building, with very spacious high-standard units, large kitchens, luminous living rooms. The clubhouse is very good with a spa, indoor swimming pool, a gym, and a coffee bar.

3) Naga    

If you are looking for a very large, nice, and quiet apartment in Beijing Dongzhimen, you’ll be fully satisfied with Naga. Some apartments are more than 600 sqm large, with top housing design, luxury bathrooms, kitchens, and living rooms.

Only 15 minutes from the famous Sanlitun, you benefit as well from 20 minutes of commuting time to the Beijing Capital International airport. This location for a high-standard apartment has another advantage, you’ll be rather close to the Beijing Hutongs, the historical center of Beijing.

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This is a smaller compound of “only” 100 residential units but beautifully designed by Ove Arup & Partners. What is truly unique is the 8.000 sqm replica of a Beijing traditional housing courtyard, featuring an art club, under which you’ll find a truly huge clubhouse & swimming pool.

 4)    Palm Springs

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This one is among the most luxurious residential compounds in Beijing. South of Chaoyang Park, very close to Beijing CBD & Sanlitun. It is favored by the American community in Beijing when looking for an apartment in Chaoyang.

This is your pick if yu are looking for great layouts in your apartment.

Palm Springs is comprised of 11 towers with a view of Chaoyang Park, large bedrooms, and bathrooms. The community feature a Kindergarten and a truly great clubhouse (swimming pool, hot springs…)

 5)    Park Avenue

Another magnificent compound south of Chaoyang Park. From your apartment in Beijing, you’ll have easy access to the Capital Airport, Sanlitun, Liangmaqiao. The parks and green spaces feature there make Park Avenue a family-friendly, very secured residence, with nice, simple,  functional layouts. The 5 buildings compound has been designed by Hellmuth, Obata & Kassabaum. The clubhouse is among the best in Beijing.

6)    Grand Moma

Grand Moma is an 8 building apartment compound designed by Robert Hall in Dongzhimen. The location is convenient with easy access to Sanlitun and Beijing Capital Airport. You’ll benefit from a large & nice apartment with high standard layouts, not too far from the Hutongs and the Beijing historical center. A specificity of Grand Moma is the presence of an independent cinema inside the compound, which brings you closer to the Beijing art community. Facilities include a gym club, swimming pool, tennis courts, library, cafe.

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7) Soho Sanlitun

This one of for urban life lovers. Just in front of Sanlitun village, the place everyone goes out in Beijing. This is a very ambitious program co-designed by Kengo Kuma, architect of the village, featuring 4 apartment buildings and no less than 5 shopping malls.  Soho Sanlitun offers very large apartments and it can be the best pick for people looking for both office and residential space.

8) Beijing Hermit   

South of Worker’s Stadium, this compound is calm and residential, it offers a very good quality of life in Beijing. Beijing Hermit is protected and secured while Beijing very close to major downtown landmarks. It features 108 units without a clubhouse.

9) Beijing SOHO Residence

 Another ideal compound for diplomats in Beijing, in between Dongzhimen and Liangmaqiao, a great location with two diplomatic districts at reach and ideal for frequent commuters. Designed by Meinhard von Gerken, Robert Bilkey & Oscar Llins, the layouts are beautiful, with contemporary designs, some apartments have a terrace. The unique 30 floors building has a double-layered insulation system and features a swimming pool, a spa, and a fitness center.

pekin Soho

10) CBD Private Castle

A luxury compound in the Beijing CBD, close to the famous CCTV Tower, features 530 apartments in 3 residential buildings. The apartments are large, with some 400 sqm layouts, large and beautiful living rooms. The clubhouse has a swimming pool and a sauna.

11) Chevalier

Further north, in Sanyuanqiao at the north of Beijing CBD, a good location between Laingmaqiao diplomatic district and Beijing Lido, another place foreign companies. This features 10 residential buildings, the apartments have large living rooms, comfortable kitchens, and bathrooms. The place has an ecological design which makes it family-friendly.  The surroundings are nice, your apartment will be in a protected area while still in the center of Beijing. The clubhouse is among Beijing’s top standards.

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12) China Central Place Apartment

This is an apartment compound close to Dawanglu, in Beijing CBD, designed by Kohn Pedersen Fox Associates, this is a very large real estate project, with luxury hotels such as the Mariott and the Carlton Ritz. There are 9 buildings with residential apartments, family-friendly. It features a swimming pool and a children’s playground.

13) Seasons Park

Close to Sanlitun, this is one of the most attractive compounds in Beijing. Wong & Tung Architects have designed apartments with a modern design, large windows, beautifully equipped kitchens, and bathrooms. Your apartment will benefit from an indoor children’s playground a swimming pool, a golf exercise course, a sauna, dance floors…

14) Guangcai  International Mansion  

These 4 high-rise apartment blocks with a view of the worker’s stadium have a high standard interior design. It features family-sized units, with a 86 meter sunlit atrium in tower C. There is a clubhouse with a swimming pool, a sauna, a cafe, a dancing room.

 15) Richmond Park  

Within the Lido Beijing district, with its business hubs, very close to Beijing Capital airport, Richmond Park is a large luxury project with a swimming pool, a fitness center, and close to Yidun International Kindergarten. This is the top standard accommodation for demanding expatriates.

16) Mixion  Residence

At the north of Liangmaqiao, the 3rd diplomatic district of Beijing, here are 5 residential buildings, brand new ones, with large apartment layouts. This luxury compound has been designed by Liang Ze – FLD Architecture design.

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17) Peking House Apartments

Large apartments located in Shuangjing, south of Beijing CBD, not far from Dawanglu. This is a quiet compound, with a kind of house feeling. This features large 5 bedrooms apartments, the clubhouse has a swimming pool, a kid’s playground and saunas.

18) Shimao Gong San

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Designed by architect Patrick Sloan, a dream place for people looking for a small apartment in Beijing. There is many studios and 2 bedrooms apartments with charming designs, the location is very convenient in Sanlitun, close to many international groceries, shopping malls at the north of of worker’s stadium.

19) US United Apartment   

At the north of Liangmaqiao diplomatic district, a very good location with easy access to Beijing Capital Airport, ideal for frequent commuters. The 293 units benefit from a swimming pool, a fitness club, tennis and squash courts, as well as restaurants.

20) Xanadu


Xanadu is in the heart of Beijing CBD. This is a place of luxury, with shopping malls, high street shopping, supermarkets with international food. The architecture has Asiatic influence, with zigzag patterns that enable every apartment to have green spaces with privacy and a scenic view on the CCTV Tower. The interior designs are top standard.

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