Chinese tourists in Thailand

Announcement from China Ministry of Foreign Affaris says that the negotiation with Thailand government over visa-free agreement is finished and the signing of the document will be done in a suitable time.
It means as the most popular foreign destinations for mainland Chinese tourists, Thailand will take one more step ahead of the other countries.

Chinese tourists in Thailand
Chinese tourists in Thailand

It’s also foreeable that more and more Travel agencies, desinations from Thailand will try to enter the market and get their share from the expanding cake.
In fact, since 2012, there’s been a boom that companies from Thailand tourism has already tried to get the market probably due to the support from the Thai Government.
Another amazing trend is most companies from Thailand have realized the importance of online marketing for outbound tourism in China. Although not everyone of them has ambitious plans so far, they won’t allow their competitors get the online market so easily in the near future.

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