Chinese tourists dominate the tourism market in the world. In every possible country to go to, Chinese travelers are seemingly always present, to discover/experience a whole different world besides their own. Every country in the world is now doing their best to welcome and attract more Chinese tourists, knowing that the Chinese are the big spenders. Aside from opening new tourism opportunities, a bigger Chinese tourism market in their country could also mean education and live product export opportunities, and possibly, millions of dollars of positive benefit. Whether it is by creating direct route flights to their country from China to tourism market employees speaking in Mandarin, or from offering  Chinese itineraries to offering condoms, these countries are giving their best to be the number one destination for the Chinese tourists.

Chinese Tourists travel


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Tasmanian tourism

With over a 50% increase of the Chinese visitors who went into Tasmania in 2013 up to this March, the Tasmanians are getting all their pit stops ready for the Chinese traveler. The Hospitality Association and state government of Tasmania has been getting ready for the Chinese tourists. They created a website in Chinese for the Chinese market, they created itineraries for easier solution of the Chinese traveler, they are now in talks with big Chinese airline companies for possible direct route flight from China to Tasmania, and they created a pamphlet for distribution to major tourism businesses all across Tasmania.

“China Ready” pamphlet

tasmanian pamphlet

The Tasmanian Hospitality Association, backed and funded by the Tasmanian State government, created a 16-page pamphlet for distribution to different tourism businesses across Tasmania as a practical guide to providing the best service to the Chinese guests. The pamphlet will serve as a detailed plan of action to make Chinese visitors as welcome as possible. It tackles everything from the way the guests are welcomed from the airport to the hotel, to the menu options, and the marketing strategies.

The pamphlet has a lot of suggestions to hoteliers and restaurateurs alike. For example, stated in the pamphlet that hoteliers should offer free underwear, good designed condoms, disposable slippers, and cup noodles instead of packed noodles to possibly attract the Chinese tourist more. For restaurateurs, kitchen and staff members should offer Chinese menus to the Chinese, serve tea, and possibly be aware that Chinese diners could be very noisy and are prone to back slapping.

The pamphlet’s goal is to be as ready as possible for the Chinese visitors, understanding all their needs and wants, and giving it to them.

Tasmania’s target


With over 20,000 Chinese tourists coming in, the Tasmanian state government is setting its target to 1.5 million Chinese visitors per year visiting Tasmania by 2020, and possibly the creation of up to 8,000 new jobs. The Chinese market is the key to Tasmania’s economic prosperity and the source of growth in Tasmania’s tourism market.

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