Taobao wants to share the Little Red Book’ Customer Experience

Big news, Taobao has opened a new stage of internal tests, and some products can be purchased with similar the Little red book’ content. According to some merchants, they can create content inspired by a Little red book with the same decoration background.

As we can see, this has been tested since last week, and many beauty brands have already participated in it. For example, the Beauty brand’ Innisfree, created the consumer’s experience with the new updates. In fact, customers can see some comments with the Little red book logo when they click on the “Review” section.

Another good example is the cosmetics brand Yuemu.  They also got some reviews on Taobao with the Little red book logo when we click on the “Review”. After clicking, Taobao members can directly like the comment, reply, and collect and all reviews will appear in my “TaobaoFavorites Content”. It should be emphasized that the “good things review group” section is not exclusive in the Little red book.

The founder of a high-end skincare brand  Yibang expressed his optimism about the opening of this issue. He believes that Little Red Book, as a content community platform, has been the focus on brand development in the past two years. Compared with the original evaluation content of Tmall, the content of Little Red Book is more professional, more readable, and shareable. For the consumer, there is no need to visit the Tmall while jumping to the little red book to find notes and evaluate.

In response to this intercommunication test, Yibang also heard many different angles of voice. Another e-commerce manager with many years of experience said that if Little Red Book and Taobao really get through, he would care more about how little Red Book will operate the content community. After the comprehensive opening, in order to get more content display and traffic, the merchant will likely put more content on the Little Red Book platform, and Little Red Book is self-contained in content control.

In May 2017, Tmall’s Director of Wireless Content Operations, Fan Zhen announced that Taobao will be fully revised, and 60-70% of content policies. Today, the traffic of Taobao headlines, must-buy lists, goods, and shopping channels all reach tens of millions. However, despite the huge investment of Taobao to promote content, PGC-based content production still has obvious gaps in accuracy and viscosity compared with the Little Red Book.

Some practitioners believe that the high-quality content of the Little Red Book platform and the supply chain of Tmall has realized the combination of the advantages of both parties, and can bring life to the current Taobao content ecology. Some people think that even with the help of the little red book, Alibaba group still has no ability to play with Tencent in social networking, and it is nothing more than opening a flow of exports for Little Red Book.

In addition, Little Red Book has been building its own e-commerce channel and commodity supply chain system, and the development trend of its e-commerce business is also the focus of attention of many industry people. “This time, it means that the user can use Little Red Book to make purchasing decisions. The biggest advantage of Little Red Book depends on the value generated by user trust. Taobao can use the content advantage of Little Red Book.”

Alibaba group’s intention is obvious, and it requires traffic and content. Little Red Book is a platform for users to visit without shopping needs. Taobao is actively promoting ‘e-commerce content’, and it is very necessary for Little Red Book. The community traffic brought by the platform. At the same time, the content of Little Red Book has a very strong grass-growing property, which can improve the purchase conversion rate, which is also the part that the platform and brand are very concerned about and need.”

What does the mobile phone’s internal test move mean to the business? Billion Power will continue to observe and broadcast.

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