Taobao live broadcast: 500 billion in the next three years

The data shows that on the day of Taobao Double 12, the turnover of more than 70,000 live broadcasts increased by 160% compared with last year.

Just past the Taobao double 12, with a series of results show that: Taobao live broadcast has long been not the embellishment of e-commerce, but become the mainstream of the future business model.

In the interview with the media, Wen Zhong, senior director of Taobao content ecology, said that with the continuous enlargement of content value, Taobao live broadcast will drive 500 billion scale transactions in the next three years. The data shows that on the day of Taobao Double 12, the turnover of more than 70,000 live broadcasts increased by 160% compared with last year. Taobao had more than one hundred million anchors last month, and more than 1,200 fans have more than one million anchors.

Since the official launch of Taobao Live in May 2016, it has explored the commercial elements in the live broadcast and outlined the prototype of the e-commerce live broadcast: the global purchasers took the fans to walk through the fashion capital, the net red wears experience real-time Sharing, the introduction of the “buy and buy” function… For a time, it has become a topic of consumer relish.

After more than two years of development, a series of chemical reactions triggered by e-commerce and live broadcasts continue. Taobao provides a variety of business operations positions for merchants. Products and tools represented by live broadcasts are helping merchants to experience the transition from operational “traffic” to operational “people”. As a result, Taobao has also turned live broadcasts into the most business value channel.

Tens of thousands of live broadcasts every day to achieve a better match between “people” and “goods”

In the first hour of the opening of Taobao Double 12, “Sailormoon”, which was dominated by medieval and dark-colored clothing, quickly jumped to the top of the anchor list. With an hourly turnover of 30 million, her live room not only became a representative consumer scene but also vividly displayed the connotation of the fan economy. The fans at the screen were waiting for it, only to pick it up in the favorite anchor. The most satisfying dress, or a coat.

At present, Taobao Live has formed a number of anchor camps with ordinary people, professional KOL, media, and self-media. It provides tens of thousands of live broadcasts every day to provide consumers with clothing matching, beauty teaching, sports advice, food experience, overseas. Shopping, personal Raiders, and other types of live content. Taobao provides a variety of content operation positions for merchants, and also helps them to switch from operating “traffic” to operating “people”. In the “field” of the live broadcast room, through the vivid and intuitive display, the better match between people and goods is realized.

Taobao live broadcast breaks the industry with transformation problems, businesses are selling 10 million

In terms of offline layout, Taobao Live has also carried out more in-depth channel expansion, allowing the mature market, which is far from e-commerce, to re-enter the fast lane of development. Taobao data shows that the overall turnover of the industry belt has been greatly increased by the live broadcast. From December 1st to 9th, the total number of goods sold exceeded 4 million, and the sales volume was more than 2 times higher than the average daily growth. Among them, the live broadcast of the industrial belt of Nanshi Dieshiqiao International Home Textile City has increased the sales of shops by more than 500%, while the double 12 preheated men’s live broadcasts held in Changshu Industrial Zone won more than 10 million sales. Taobao expects that in the next three years, Taobao Live will drive 500 billion scale transactions, and with the continuous enlargement of content value, it will indirectly incite a broader industrial market.

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