Supplements Market for Older People in China 

Supplements Market for Older People in China

In China, there’s a shift in the older generations’ mindset; they now seek not only to live longer but also to lead more enriching lives. To achieve that, they know they have to take care of themselves better than before.

In addition to that, China is an aging society and therefore there are more and more older customers interested in health and dietary supplements. In this blog post, we will see the potential of this consumer group in the Chinese health supplements market.

Older consumers in China prioritized their health

Under the effect of covid-19’s physical and psychological impact, Chinese older consumers are more focused on their health than ever before.

For many Chinese seniors, remaining youthful and healthy isn’t just a dream; it’s an attainable goal. Much of this is due to the shift in nutrition and supplement habits that have become part of their wellness routine. As they believe aging gracefully starts from within, this shift in nutrition habits has become a key part of keeping up with their health.


Key drivers of the supplements market growth

Both external and internal catalysts will drive the anticipated expansion of the supplements market, as older people in China start turning to Western supplements as opposed to, or as a complement to traditional Chinese medicine methods.

Increased attention to health

With the rising accessibility of online medical platforms and health organizations’ websites, consumers are becoming more aware that prioritizing wellness is key. As a result, people are becoming increasingly attentive to their health by taking preventive measures before any potential illnesses or diseases.

Availability of specific supplements for specific needs

As more and more people become aware of the importance of health and wellness, they are developing certain needs related to their medical issues or risk factors such as obesity and smoking. Furthermore, consumers’ dietary supplement requirements vary depending on their age group or gender.

Rapidly aging population

With a massive part of the population belonging to older demographics in China, the government is supporting supplement market growth by investing in elderly health and wellness supplement products.

Sedentary lifestyles due to covid

The prolonged lockdowns and the rise of sedentary lifestyles in China have caused an increase in demand for food supplements. These supplements are effective at counteracting any health issues that result from a lack of physical activity and poor dietary habits, providing much-needed relief to those who need it most.

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Increased healthcare costs and no access to medical treatments due to the lockdown measures

With healthcare costs growing and hospitals being inaccessible due to lockdown measures, Chinese older people are becoming increasingly aware of preventive care using dietary supplements for more cost-effective long-term health outcomes.

What types of supplements are on the go in China?

The supplement industry can be classified by consumers into two distinct groups. The first one is a more traditional sector that caters to maintaining energy, wellness, and vitality; and the second one is more like an innovative type that responds to multifarious needs such as intestinal issues or urinary complications, prevention of eye problems, heart conditions, or joint problems.

Supplements Market for Older People in China

Some of the most demanded products are:

  • Probiotics Supplements
  • Multivitamins
  • Mineral Supplements
  • Vitamins Vitamin B and D
  • Prebiotics
  • Zinc
  • Botanicals herbs
  • Mixed herb teas
  • Eye Health Supplements
  • Aloe vera supplements
  • Fatty Acids Fish Oils/Omega Fatty Acids
  • Green tea Ginseng supplements
  • Calcium Supplements 
Supplements Market for Older People in China

Top-selling supplements of JD’s 618 shopping festival in 2022

618 shopping day is a shopping festival created by JD is one of the largest e-commerce companies in China and has a wide range of supplement products for older people. During the 618 Shopping Festival of 2022, these supplements were the most sought-after products:

Supplements heart health

The sales of supplements for the heart were close to 331 million, and it ranked in second place among all sub-categories. Chinese elder consumers focus on supplementing their heart health by taking natural supplement products including omega fatty acids, fish oils, and CoQ10.

Consumers seeking the daily health benefit of heart supplements have grown increasingly eager to purchase in bulk during promotional periods, demonstrating an appetite for long-term stocking.

Immunity Health Supplements

The immunity health supplement sales were around 280 million, accounting for the third-largest supplement market among all sub-categories. Elder consumers in China are increasingly focused on supplementing their immune system, and supplement products that focus on enhancing the immune system are growing in popularity.

Joint and bones Health Supplements

Bone and joint products experienced an incredible surge in sales, rocketing 50% higher than the prior months to a new record. The most popular supplement in this category was glucosamine, which helps maintain joint health and reduce joint pain.

Since seniors are the primary consumers of these items, many people seized this chance during the sale period for themselves or their older family members/children.

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Probiotics & Prebiotics Supplements

The sales of probiotics and prebiotics supplements were about 180 million, a little higher than the sales of the previous year. The demand for probiotic supplements is still high in the Chinese supplement market for older people. This type of supplement is generally taken by seniors to help improve digestion and absorption of nutrients, as well as to reduce inflammation.

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