Top Sunglasses’ Brands in China- Marketing Guide

China is the world-leading consumer of glasses, from children to the elderly, all of them are consumers. According to Euromonitor, Sunglasses retail sales have been increasing by over 7% per year since 2012, representing the fastest-growing category in the Chinese optical market.

Besides caring eye protection, sunglasses are perfect for dress-up. Let’s see now, what are the 9 most popular sunglasses brands in China.

Sunglasses Brands in China

Gentle monster

GM is a Korean eyewear brand, a designer brand that constantly develops itself under a philosophy of “high-end experimentation.” GM is a well-deserved sunglasses leader, both internationally and domestically. Its products attract a lot of consumers’ eyeballs, due to its unique design. Several celebrities such as Korean stars Gianna Jun, Lee MinHo, and Lee Jong or American top models Hanne Gaby, and Miranda Kerr like to wear GM Sunglasses. The main character Cheon Song-Yi, in the famous Korean series “My love from the star”, also wore it, making it well-known among Chinese consumers.


Rayban is the best-selling sun and prescription eyewear brand in the world. Its slogan in China is “Ray Ban Sunglasses, a symbol of successful men”. Rayban sunglasses are appreciated for their stylish design and their good eye protection features. With the improvement in living standards, consumers pay more attention to the health and protection of their eyes when purchasing sunglasses, and they are increasingly seeking to purchase higher-quality eyewear products.


Bolon, founded in 2003, is a subsidiary of the French Essilor Group’s eyewear brand. It is specialized in the production of glasses and sunglasses. Bolon products are divided into three categories: adult sunglasses, adult optics, and children’s sunglasses. The brand wants to create high-quality glasses that suit consumers’ face shapes and styles by capturing multiple design inspirations and carefully tailoring them. A lot of popular Chinese celebrities and stars have collaborated with Bolon for its promotion in China.


Prosun Sunglasses are from Xiamen Quansheng Industry Co., Ltd. Its main target consumers are businessmen, urban women, children, and sports enthusiasts. Prosun sunglasses include many features to meet teens’ and trendy people’s expectations. There is not a big difference between Prosun and Bolon sunglasses’ prices but Prosun is more classic-oriented while Bolon is more fashion-oriented.


Luxury brand has a high position in consumers’ minds, but there are some other middle-end qualities and innovative brands which also attract a lot of Chinese consumers. In fact, Chinese consumers are sometimes more attracted by the feature of “unique” than “valuable”.


Actually, the worldwide reputed luxury brand Dior is very popular in China, and it’s also. We can feel it, especially in Xiaohongshu (Little red book) with over 7500 contents about them.
“Dior” is a combination of “god” (dieu) and “gold” (or) in French. The Gold color later became the representative color of the brand. The elaborate design of Dior’s eyewear can be clearly seen from the details of its carving, innovative technology, and excellent lines. In addition to the elegant logo, the glasses themselves also attract the public’s attention with their sharp outlines, designs, and colors.

Emporio Armani

Founded in 1975 in Milan, EA is one of the world’s most famous designer brands. It’s a bit less widespread than Dior or Gucci in China but is also a well-known brand among Chinese consumers.


Loho entered the mainland in 2011 and is the first brand of China’s optical e-commerce company. It is an o2o internet glasses brand that integrates eyewear design, production, retail, and service.
It plays on concepts of futurism and modernism, on style and color to draw personality and fashion. Its products have always been distinctive, with a “fast fashion” style.


MOLSION Glasses announced last year its collaboration with Angela Baby, who become its official brand representative. Angela Baby is a film and television actress and fashion model in Mainland China. She seduced a lot of Chinese people, especially millennial Chinese, with her confidence, sweet, open, and straight character.

How can you enter the Chinese market?

For a new brand in China, setting up an online presence and a brand reputation is unavoidable for growth. In China, a lot of people only do their shopping through e-commerce platforms.

Chinese e-commerce platforms TMALL / JD

It is quite complicated to get updates about these ECommerce platform requirements… you can have an overview.

The Chinese consumer is more of an online consumer. They are willing to make a lot of purchases online because e-commerce is very developed in China, from the delivery service to after-sales services, the process has been continually performed. Nowadays, Chinese consumers have a huge appetite for foreign products and e-commerce platforms have become the channels of choice for Chinese shoppers looking to purchase such items. The market is led mainly by the group Alibaba with its Taobao and TMALL platforms, and the company JD.

Leverage Social Media 

The more your target consumer see your products, the more they are willing to buy them. You have to increase your brand and product exposure among Chinese consumers. Social media platforms are the best new marketing tools to reach your future clients.

We talk previously about little red book, this is a popular social media app that combines e-commerce and social online community. There are consumers sharing their products, their reviews, and shopping tips with other consumers.

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Leverage KOLs – Influencers

KOLs means Key Opinion Leaders in China. Angela Baby can be considered a KOL but this doesn’t mean that every KOLs are the star. KOLs can also be web celebrities or bloggers, someone who has a lot of followers on social media. They influence many Chinese people’s taste and indeed their purchases.

Celebrity endorsement can make the difference in China, Sales of glasses and sunglasses are growing on E-Commerce platforms.

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