Tmall in China

Tmall is a shopping website that was formerly known as Taobao Mall. This B2C belongs to Taobao and regroups thousands of brands and manufactured brands in order to provide a link between the retailer and the consumer. All the goods come with quality, 100% guarantee and are returnable, even if the reason does not make sense, within 7 days.

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History of Tmall

On January 11, 2012, Taobao Mall changes their name for Tmall.

Since its establishment in April 10, 2008, many brands like Kappa, Levi’s, Jack & Jones, Lenovo, Uniqlo, Disney, Tianmao, HP, SUPOR and Esprit have entered their official central store. They all are very popular and Tianmao is able to boost over 50 thousand buyers, 70 thousand of brands and 400 million of buyers. Today, Tmall only has a Chinese version and the English version is coming soon, so maybe you will need a Tmall agent service to help you.

tmall China

Give a chance to many brands

Tmall plays a very important role in supporting the leading global and local brands. The mission is to reach the out-growing Chinese consumer base, as well as the domestic online shoppers for purchasing quality brands. Tmall is the largest B2C marketplace in China and accounts for 57% of the market shares revenue.

The Chinese consumers are breaking the online records. The Single’s Day on Nov 11 saw the online retailers slashed prices go up by 70%. Tmall and Taobao, the Chinese carts, filled $3 billion worth of goods within 24 hours, eclipsing the US retailers with $1.25 billion they got on Cyber Monday.

Launching your online business in china can be intimidating. The important online population and the different consumer behavior must be carefully considered. Tmall is Taobao’s Licensed brands and helps to remove some of the market entry barriers and it is exposed to the 400 million of registered users.

Most of the famous brands tried to invest spectacular sums but they failed. The fact is not in how much you spend but how you spend it. The main thing to remember, even though Tmall stores cost less, is that you should not expect in making quick bucks.


How to success?

Succeed in China means re-investing your profits for your future. You should have a long-term plan that moves beyond Tmall like building your own store in order to get both online and offline integration. The experience of other brands and other clients will help you in being successful in long term.

With Tmall, you will be able to offer your consumers a good customer service and it provides you the framework for your foreign retailers that will help in hosting web pages and shall be responsible for more than 50% of your business sales. Tmall registered 500 million of users and generated sales of CNY 200bn (£21bn) in 2012. The online sales reached £123bn in 2012 and are expected to reach £422bn by 2020.

The secret in china is that people prefer to search for brands that are not available in the mainstream but the ones they want to buy. So, if you have both these elements and the social media, then you can come to the Tmall platform to transaction.

A further announcement which has been made is the signature of the memorandum of understanding between the China’s large trading website and the UK’s government in order to promote UKs business and the products on Alibaba’s marketplace-Tmall.

To assist the businesses, there will be support packages on Alibaba that will enable even the small British businesses to easily access the Tmall platform, the Ebay of China, getting an ideal route to test the market at a very low risk and cost platform. This opportunity for business trading in China is ideal and the level of support offered from the government departments is also increasing.


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