Strong Growth in China Golf Market


As a fad, the Golf is booming in China. This is confirmed by an increase of the number of players and the development of golf tourism in this part of the world.

The number of golf courses has tripled in less than one decade, and new urban low cost golf courses are built in city centers. There are more than 600 golf courses in China, more than a 60 around Beijing.

A study of Mastergolf International (a golf course design agency), the construction of 600 new golf courses by 2030 is needed to meet the demand, so around 30 to build per year. (Opening one new course every 12 days) for 20 years.


The reason for the growth


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Economic growth and rising middle classes explain the success of Golf in China.

In 2010, the middle class in China was made up of 52 million households. In 2015 it is estimated at over 98 million.

Nowadays, households turn to recreational activities like golf, and children practice this sport earlier. In China, this sport is seen as a game that teaches children important personal values.

Some schools offer free golf training to children. Moreover, in the way of the success of their children, some parents are now ready to spend $ 45 000 per year for private lessons.


After biggest golf tournaments in Asia in 2020?


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The golfing legend Gary Player highlights the importance of the development of golf in this part of the world.

According to him, more and more major events will be added to the global calendar of golf in China.

We can wonder about fifth Asian major with the three U.S. majors and the British Open?

“Change is the price of survival! Being the first truly international golf player of my time allows me to take a lot of pleasure to see golf as a game and a global sport. Golf is now firmly turned to Asia, and several major tournaments will be played on the continent by 2020” dixit Gary Player, the South African golf player which faced to Jack Nicklaus and Arnold Palmer, the famous Americans golf players.


Young Chinese Tigers ready to be part of the best!


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China breaking records with very young talents, true icons for Chinese youth:

Ye Wocheng, a young prodigy of 12 years was the attraction of the Open of his country played in Tianjin Thursday, May 2, 2013, 130 kilometers southeast of Beijing.

He became the youngest competitor during an event on the European Tour.

Dethroning Guan Tianlang, which was a month earlier, the youngest player in the Augusta Masters history. (14 years and 5 months.)



In addition, China is already preparing the Olympic gold medals in Rio 2016 since some years, having sent its best young players in the best American academies.


Golf and tourism

Increasingly, Rich Chinese like to go abroad and enjoy practicing their favorite game in the largest golf courses in the world. To catch this target, know that we have effective solutions to capture the attention of the issuing agencies and some end users :

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    Looking forward to your answer. Thank you in advance.


  2. Sorry Vivian, no figures now.
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