Stars’ Marriage Promotion Among Chinese Tourists

Chinese Star couples help tourism

Last week, one of the most famous Chinese actresses, Yao Chen got married in New Zealand. Her marriage turns out to be a show of the beauty of New Zealand. The news about Yao Chen’s marriage has been reported over 2.4 million times by news presses including all the influential portals like Sina, Sohu, and Ifeng. New Zealand tourism bureau got a kind of free promotion in China. In fact, New Zealand is not the first and it will never be the last one to get the surprise.

Lin Xi Lei and Yang Chen

Lin Xi Lei

Lin Xi Lei is a famous actress who is famous for her sexy appearance and on March 11, she got married in Maldives. On her wedding day, almost 9,000 people searched for the Maldives, twice the of usual.

Tony leung chiu wai and Carina Lau

Tony and Carina are the most famous celebrity couple in China. As a result,  their wedding in Bhutan has attracted many potential tourists to search for all the details about their wedding including Bhutan.

This chart shows that the search for Bhutan has increased by 40 times on the day of their wedding day than usual.

1.  celebrity effect

Stars usually have big groups of fans and huge influence among them. Even small things they do like going shopping can attract many people’s attention, needless to say, their big events like weddings.  When their fans see the photos about the wedding of their idol’s marriage, they will also see the scene of the country.

2. news report

What’s more, the news reports can further spread those nice photos to people who are not fans of those stars.

It’s very difficult to find another solution better than getting a star couple married in your country to promote your tourism in China. However, it’s also very difficult to convince a celebrity couple.

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