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Top Questions about WeChat

  1. How huge is WeChat?
  2. How do consumers act on it?
  3. How companies can take advantage of this social media platform?
  4. How Brands are using WeChat for Marketing
  5. How business are making money on WeChat
  6. Some figures to understand the future of WeChat

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What is WeChat?




WeChat is China’s version of WhatsApp or Line. It allows people to communicate, share moments and experiences online. As the main worldwide social networks such as Facebook or Twitter are censured in China, the country has built its own domestic network and this community has become one of the largest in the world.

This App is actually the largest social network in China and is growing year by year. This Super Chinese APP has been a 39 percent growth from Q3 2014 when compared to the latest figures as we can see on the graph.

In this article we present some figures to understand the importance of this social media, the behaviours of its users and how a company can use it to market their projects.


Users statistics


The number of people using WeChat is impressive. There are 1.12 billion WeChat accounts, with almost 600 million daily active users. In fact, 93% of the online population in China uses WeChat.

About half of users are aged 20 to 29. The 30-39 age group is the second largest.

Of the total number of users 64.3% are male and 35.7% female.


Users’ behaviour


There are 639 million users that access WeChat on their smartphone. 54% of them spend more than an hour a day on it and around 60% open it more than 10 times a day. We understand that the Chinese are very connected and spend along time on weixin. More time spend browsing equates to a high number of user interactions and more exposure to content.

It is mostly used in China but 70 million people use it outside of the country.

Weixin has more than 20 different language versions, covering users in more than 200 countries and regions. It claims to be the first social application in more than 70 countries and regions.


Company statistics



Public, Official Accounts, used by businesses, organizations or individuals to interact and engage with their WeChat subscribers, now numbering 8.5 million, with 25,000 being added daily. Actually, as a company, it is a necessity to use WeChat to promote a brand and the products.




Activity statistics


The main activity of WeChat users is posting or sharing informations on moments. An average day sees more than 3 billion webpages shared on Moments. Some 76.4% users check Moments regularly to share or consume content shared by their contacts. The brand can use these moments to share their products or promotions for example.




After, 70% of weixin users play games on it daily. Using games is also a good way to promote a brand in China. It is a way to play with customers giving them an special experience where they can interact with the brand.




  •  83% of the users purchase products online. WeChat also a complements e-commerce approach and increases sales.
  • Male users spend 1.3 times more time shopping on WeChat than female users who often prefer going to the stores.




WeChat payment statistics


200 million users have credit cards attached to their account and thus pay for their purchases on their cellphones.

Another fact, you have to know that 300,000 offline stores that accept WeChat payments. This offers a huge opportunity for companies to sell their products via the app.




WeChat revenues

Finally, 69% of revenue streams came from mobile ads and sales on WeChat.


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