Social Networks, huge source of BUZZ in China


Social Networks: 15 trends went viral the last year in China

Social networks are very popular in China. Indeed, the number of users is twofold higher compared to the population of the USA, even with the “Great Firewall of China” preventing the use of Western plateforms like Twitter, Facebook or Google.

Weibo, one of the most popular Chinese plateform, hosted quite a lot of stories which became viral among users.

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The examples below illustrate those new ridiculous trends.

Heidi Yei, ashamed to be a model

Heidi Yeh

What a shame for this famous Taïwanese model girl. On Weibo, it was said that she was an unworthy mother because she misrepresented her looks and used her children to look more beautiful.

Actually, the photo which caused this viral social, was just taken a Taïwanese cosmetic surgery center. The model girl said that she was just ashamed and that she should not have accepted this job.

Iconic paintings from history pictured by school students


This idea came from a School in Hanghzou, whose goal was teach classical art to young students in an attractive way.

The young people had to imitate icons from famous paintings. They have been taken in photos wearing the same clothes and adopting the similar attitudes than on the masterpieces.

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Grindr, the gays app lands in China


Grindr is a gay dating app. The small Chinese company “Beijing Kunlun Tech” has paid 155 million dollars for this app, which is really surpising because it used to create online games.

How avoid death riding escalator

Riding escalator

Some people thought useful to prevent the Weibo’s users from risks riding the escalator. Indeed, they found a solution to avoid touching the floor. This became the new trend after a women was killed litterally swallowed by an escalator. An episod which had huge impacts on most of people who were then afraid of using them.

The “Belly Button Challenge”, or how to show you are thin


The belly button was the new part of the body which has fascinated most social networks users this year. Some of them found a revolutionary way to prove how flexible and thin they were.

But unfit people got in the fun as well: a plump guy showed that he could win this challenge too and became quite popular on the web. Obviously, he had just been helped by one of his friend standing behind him.

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A terrible glass walkway cracks under tourists feet

glass walkway cracking

On Weibo, tourists reported a dramatic accident which occured on the China’s Brave Man Bridge.

In fact, the warning was spread by a tourist who heard a big crack under his steps. Then, he was screaming leading to a huge panic on the bridge.

This story was reported by People’s Daily Online who said that a tourist had let a sharp object fall, leading to the cracking. However, Management at Yuntai Mountain Scenic Spot reassured people that the safety of the bridge was not compromise, thanks its to several layers of glass.

Sina Weibo, stronger than Twitter ?TwitterVSWeibo

Sina Weibo beat the famous US social network while allowing to write 2000 characters to his users instead of 140.

There was a real effeverscence among most of users while VIP customers complained not being able to write messages of 2000 characters on their smartphone.

Breastfeeding in the subway, so normal

breasfeeding in the subway

In Beijing, a mother was criticized for breastfeeding her baby in public. This attitude chocked a Sina Weibo user who thought this was only an exhibition of her sex organ.

This episode brought important discussions about the rights of women, especially concerning the breastfeeding in the public transports. This debate was illustrated by 70000 comments and 80 million views on the social network.

A Chinese man, a big donation for his artwork

Chinese artist Ai Weiwei wanted to propose his artwork for an Andy Warhol/Ai Weiwei exhibiton at the National Gallery of Victoria. To make his masterpiece, he needed a huge amounts of LEGO bricks that were refused by the group in respect for the environment.LEGO DONATION

After this incident, a lot of donations wereoffered tothe artist. Finally, Ai Weiwei created his artwork and opened his exhibition the following December. He declared on Twitter that he would be continue to spread his art with LEGO to express the Freedom of Speech and political art.

He then organized a huge network of collection points for donations to support his point of view.

A new challenge for fans of boobs

Last month, a new trend appeared on Weibo. What a funny game gripping a pen under your boobs !

This game demonstrate a top level of skills, and not just for the girls…

Greeding under boobs

A chinese girl got a liposuction, and re-uses her fat


After getting a liposuction, a chinese girl wanted to show her impressive lost of weight. But, her metamorphose wasn’t the only point she wanted to raise up.

Indeed, with the aim of revenging her ex-boyfriend, the girl used her own fat to create a bar of soap and sent it to him. Disgusting but courageous !

Our favourite celebrities men mix with vintage cheongsams ladies, why not ?

This crazy idea came from a Weibo user who, thanks to photoshop, decided to replace the cheongsam ladies face by one of our famous boys. A very realistic viral trend!


Baby snowmen, the cutest invention of January


Although only a thin layer of snow covered the ground, that was enough for Chinese people to create mini snowmen. The pictures were widely shared on Weibo.

Play with your baby’s face


The Rice Ball Baby Game went viral and spread through China and Japan. So
popular and a very cute activity !

Organise you coins on your collarbone

Without scientific reasons, a new competition appeared last june among Weibo users. The goal was to put the most coins on their collarbones. Maybe a magical way not to loose your stuff anymore !

collarbones with coins

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