Social Media Help to Boost a Brand’s Reputation in China

Being up-to-date with the latest marketing trend in China, of course we didn’t miss the rising of Little Red Book. This useful social media platform combines its activity with e-commerce, to provide users with a social-commerce experience. Little Red Book provides a lot useful contents, attracting a lot of Chinese people during their researches and their leisure time.

Little Red book, one of the hottest app in China

Little Red book (Xiaohongshu in Chinese) is an application in which users share and take information on brands and products. The content is very diversified. It can be to share lifestyle, foods, travel place, new trends and products etc. and Chinese consumers use it to get advice, recommendations, and feedbacks.

A huge number of Key Opinion Influencers are on Little Red Book through different specializations: travel, food, cosmetics, beauty, sports, Music etc. Collaborate with these Chinese influencers could help you to increase your brand’s word of mouth and reputation.

GMA has a special connection with this hot start-up (Little Red Book was created since not so long time ago).

Do not hesitate to contact us if you are interested in this platform to promote your business.

One of our case studies, WEWOOD on social media


WEWOOD creates all natural wooden watches from reclaimed and repurposed woods of various varieties from around the world. WEWOOD’s watches put efforts to product and eco-friendly and fashionable line of watches. The brand was born in Florence, Italy, in 2009 and consolidate the Italian abilities to craft unique items and the necessity to care for our environment. The current marketing strategy of the brand is that « for one watch sold, the brand will plant a wood ».

Wood products are fashion!

By the way, WEWOOD Watches have a lot of attracting features for Chinese. Chinese consumers are very interested in this kind of special watch. The idea to use wood as the raw material is quite innovative and creative. It stands out from other competitors on the market. Also, products made by this kind of material appears to be better quality. As Chinese people are now increasingly seeking for a better quality of life, they are more willing to spend on what can bring them pleasures and freshness. The design of WEWOOD’s watches also attracts a lot of Young people’s interest.

A Trustful partner for an efficient development

The company contacted Gentlemen Marketing Agency because it is willing to expand in China and is looking for the best way to start. Having a trusted partner to aid your business is crucial, as the image and the first impression built in China play an important role in a brand’s further development.  WeWood needs to raise its online presence to be visible by their target consumers.


 Our approach

First, meetings. Our team met with the management of WEWOOD in order to understand the positioning they intend to adopt when entering the Chinese Market. To know and understand a brand is unavoidable to craft a strategy. Many brand’s images suffered in China because of an inappropriate communication.

Once this preliminary step has been completed, we crafted a strategy to improve the brand’s visibility among the Chinese consumers. Chinese consumers don’t only rely on photos to make their purchase. One of the main reasons is because there are too many products only based on appearance in China, but with a bad quality. They have developed the habit of research before to buy something they care.

Our action

Building the WEWOOD brand in China was not an easy mission, this innovative product is both attractive and more difficult to be adopted and the market usually takes some time. For this reason, we really focused our communication around building a strong reputation online for the brand, based on the concepts of Italian design and eco-friendliness. We managed a social media campaign for the brand, increasing its e-reputation and promoting its e-commerce platform on Chinese network.

We created the official company accounts on both WeChat and Weibo and designed articles in a way to better suit Chinese consumer’s taste and habit. The content created was intended to create an emotional connection with the users by using specifically designed posts and pictures.

Our new favorite digital tool Little red book was also part of this marketing operation, with the opening of an e-commerce store on it.

Results after the campaign

In only one month of campaign, the company gained hundreds of followers on Weibo and even more on WeChat. The WEWOOD brand started to be visible in Little Red book, attracting a lot of people’s interest. Moreover, this increased brand awareness has also helped the company drive sales from its online Store and to draw attention towards the Brand.

Digital marketing is the key

As Olivier always says, “In China, it’s not the biggest fish who survive… It is the smartest and fastest One”. The fast pace of development in Chinese markets is pushing many entrepreneurs to make effort and be up-to-date with changes. Nowadays, China is one of the most digitalized society. This new way of life has created a lot of opportunities for brands and companies to market in China. We are pure digital player based on performance. GMA has developed many successful projects because we know how to effectively promote your business in China by using the latest digital tools.

GMA is a Shanghai-based digital marketing Agency. We are international, working in a multicultural team and environment. To market in a such different country, you may need to adapt, however, this doesn’t mean you have to give up your brand’s value and your company’s DNA. Our experts are trained to work with international and Chinese local people.

There are many ways to develop in China and choosing the right one is crucial if you want to expand in China while letting people understand your brand.

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