Social Media : a revolution for e-tourism !

A new e-travel agency generation appeals young Chinese tourists

WeChat, Chinese social media platform, is quickly become the main marketing platform for a new e-travel agency generation, with particularly Sanfo-outdoor, and Tianxing Outdoors.

The growing popularity of these digital agencies is reflecting of an evolution in consumers’ behavior, whose are young Chinese tourists, educated with social media.


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Currently, these e-travel agencies published on these social media, particularly on WeChat, some basics information, such as travel detailed itineraries, touristic information and clothes advices according to the destination. After reading the post, some followers can immediately subscribe for one of travels, by mobile on social media. When booking are confirmed, e-travel agency will do everything, with transports and accommodation.

wechat integrate banking payment function

WeChat Marketing for travel sector in Beijing is relevant and very effective. Why?

Because this market is in expansion, this WeChat community has a relative high income, and there are more and more possible destinations to travel.


Thus, Week-end Tours and 3-days-Tours are became very popular and growing alternatives, for hasty Beijing citizen. A preference for these kinds of travels tours due to the expediency of WeChat Marketing. It leaded to the emergence of 3 popular destinations for Beijing tourists.

WeChat Advantages

So many key factors enable WeChat Marketing a perfect tool for e-tourism. With some, WeChat Marketing penetrate highly this market and is hasty to share some information. Internet users can registered themselves on platform and after that, they will received updates and special offers.

• WeChat is really effective for following specifics hobbies such as holidays and travels according to specific activities and locations

• WeChat is easy to use and to communicate by text and pictures. This is the best way to promote popular travels.

• WeChat marketing is a cheap kind of marketing, relevant and efficiency.

What’s about “One-day Tours”

If you are very stressed, without any time but a day per week, you could explore nearest lovely areas from Beijing. Actually, the most popular holidays destinations are Yanqing mountain, Mentougou and Changping, with beautiful landscapes in Dongling and Haituo, without forget the Great Wall.chinese tourists

Among the more adventurous destinations, there are a new town, Gubei Water Town, Pinggu Tianyun Mountain Glass Plank and Yanqing Seasonal Flower Sea Valley. We can see now, two destinations more and more popular, Baoding Lotus Pond and Tianjing Beitang Ancient town.

A long week end: Three days Tour

You are luckier than others, you have three days off. Well, e-agencies offer some itineraries, from Mongolia to North-West of Beijing, seeing during this travel Yungang Caverns, at Shanxi Dayuan, in the west of China. Theses travels are reserved very early, because of their popularity.

The most adventurous travels are in Xi’an, North-East of China, Changbai Mountain, Beidaihe and Chengde Imperial Summer Resort.

Chinese tourist 3

Shandong Tours, Anhui, Jiangsu and Zhejiang, South-West areas of Beijing, are always very famous destinations.

With the work progress of high-speed railway, travel time between Beijing and holidays destinations has been shorted, reaching between 2 and 5 hours.

Great Holidays

Finally, for all those who have not time constraint, WeChat Marketing allows to plan long holidays, such as Tibet, Quighai and Xinjiang in west of China, even cross-boarder destinations in south-west of Asia or even Turkey.

WeChat seems still to be the leader for marketing and its tools are offering to e-tourism agencies and others sectors, many opportunities to reach their audience.

Chinese tourists

And remember, to lead with success a marketing campaign on Chinese Social media, you have to pay attention to:
How to realize an effective SEO campaign on Baidu
• Online reputation
• Chinese social media with “word of mouth”
• Let influencer and press speak about you and discover your company.

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