Skip Chinese tourism agencies, and increase your profit [update 2020]

Chinese tourism agencies: how to skip them? How to get Chinese tourists and groups directly? 90% of Chinese buy trip online.


Skip Chinese tourism agencies

.Skip Chinese tourism agencies

My experience told me that most travel agencies believe that the only way to attract Chinese tourists is to establish partnerships with Chinese tourism agencies. Yes, it seems to be a convenient choice. Indeed they can offer great help, especially in administration and sales part.

The Chinese travel agencies always prefer less expensive options to send their customers in other countries.



Here is the list of the largest  Chinese tourism agencies:

  1. International Tourism Agency of China ( CITS )
  2. Tourism Agency of China ( CTS )
  3. Tourism Agency of Youth of China ( CYTS )
  4. China Comfort Travel ( CCT )


Incoming agencies generally do not have another choice than satisfying the requirements of their Chinese partners if they want to do any business. But the problem is that margin will be limited at a low level and the local agencies will enjoy the big part.

Result: in France, 60% of Chinese tourists are disappointed 🙁 with their tourist trip in France or in Europe.



Any other Choice?



Of course! Tourism agencies should better capture the customers directly and satisfy them with a proposal of decent service and good price, especially interesting for personalized, upscale or luxury travels.

And now with the help of the Internet, it all comes true.




Solution A : slow and effective way

Have a great website, with very good visual.


Bring your website in front of your customers via SEO on major search engines in China (Google and Baidu).

Just imagine that you appear on the first pages for the relevant keywords of your business, say “Upscale  Travel France”.

The majority of Chinese tourists wishing to travel in France will search on the internet and compare offers. Most of the time, they will find that from Chinese local agencies instead of professional companies in the field.

Having a good SEO will attract visitors to make quotations. This will also give you the opportunity to influence Chinese agencies and make their requirement more favourable for you. In one word, milk your cash cow via SEO.



Solution B : Advertising for direct results, but expensive

A nice website, with nice picture and video (necessary in 2020)


Baidu SEM aka Pay Per Click . You pay per click in order to attract visitors. Words in tourism are often rather expensive (from 4 to 10RMB for one-click). This is a good method for the short term that does not require a lot of preparatory work. Things are simple: you pay, you get; no pay, no visitor.

This solution should be associated with strong Ereputation campaign, discusion on forums, testimonials and public relation, with effective publication on Chinese e media.



Solution C : going social for more engagement


Traffic acquisition via other websites, social networking, online newspapers publications and so on.

In 2020, it is really popular to market a travel agency via social media to increase engagement.

  1. The strategy is mainly to use WeChat and Weibo
  2. After douyin and RED
  3. and double exposure with Public Relation and influencers


Key figures about  Chinese tourism:


  • 990 million of Chinese are Internet users
  • 90% of Chinese Travelers book online
  • According to the Xinhua (2020), 10% of worldwide tourist is Chinese
  • One million of Chinese tourists visited France in 2011, with average spending of 2500 euros each.
  • Mostly organized trips with groups from 5 to 40 people
  • Age: from 25 to 50 years
  • The main activity of Chinese tourists is shopping. Then to visit heritage for a wine&food, honeymoon,  business trip and gambling (source China outbound tourism market )



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