SJ Grand celebrates its 10 years in China with new projects

On Thursday, 25th of March, the financial and tax advisory firm SJ Grand will celebrate its 10 years in China. This celebration will be followed by the official launch of OBKsecure, a workflow, payroll and accounting solution.

Celebrating 10 years of success in China for SJ Grand

SJ Grand is a professional services firm focus in supporting foreign companies investing in China. Firstly established in Hong Kong, SJ Grand has now locations in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and even Paris. Its team offers expertise in fields such as corporate finance, tax and accountancy, optimization, China market research and financial advisory.

Since the very beginning of the firm, SJ Grand has built a great reputation and is now recognized as one of the top leading boutiques professional services firms in China. In ten years, the firm has assisted some of the biggest foreign-investor in China, including market leader as well as start-up companies, by being involved in every step of the process of establishing, maintaining and expanding a business in China. With its multilingual international staff, the firm combines in-depth knowledge of Chinese legal frameworks and market opportunities with expert understanding of international business.

SJ Grand is especially renowned for its expertise of the local framework, its knowledge of the market and mainly of the customs and habits in the business environment in China. Indeed, the firm does not only operate in the choice of the best legal structure, in deal structuring or to identify potential investment targets. As explained by its CEO Stephane Grand in an interview for the French media BFM-TV, the business core of SJ Grand is to assist foreign firms in their cross-cultural issues with Chinese staff. This difference of culture leads to many misunderstandings and management issues on the reporting accountability and the possibility to get clear and uncorrupt information.

Thus, the aim of the firm is also to interface between cultures and to help foreign companies to deal with corruption and corporate fraud in daily business.

Stephane_Grand_ChinaStephane Grand, an expert on China’s business who is very much in demand in Europe

The company has been created by Stephane Grand, a French tax law expert who is in China for nearly twenty years. He is a graduate of HEC Paris (MBA), La Sorbonne (Ph.D. in Chinese contract law) and the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy (MALD). After gained valuable experience of the legal system, capital structure optimization and management restructuring in China, he created the tax and management consultancy firm SJ Grand about ten years ago. He is now recognized as one of the most valuable expert on Chinese market and teaches courses on the legal and financial aspects of doing business in China as an adjunct professor at the Graduate School of Business of the University of Illinois.

He was recently invited on Monday 10th of March to the European Commission to discuss the implementation of the EU-China 2020 Strategic Agenda. He gave a speech in front of directors and managers of DG Markt, DG Trade, and the Secretariat General of the European Commission. The aim was especially to prepare the meeting with European Commission Chief J.M. Barroso and the Chinese government’s leader XI Jinping. He also discuss about the best way to manage corruption and corporate fraud in daily business for enterprise willing to establish in China.

SJ Grand launch OBKsecure

This tenth anniversary of the firm is also an opportunity for SJ Grand to launch their new financial platform, OBKsecure. This is a workflow, payroll and accounting solution. Like the general objectives of the firm, OBKsecure is a service designed to simplify, rationalize and develop business processes as well as to manage corporate fraud and opacity in daily operations. It includes expenses, human resources and report management solutions.  The software is multilingual, in order to assist managers in their cross-cultural issues with Chinese staff.

Previously to the launch, the software has been tested internally and with client’s organizations (around 60/70). OBKsecure allows entering data with transparency and enables the manager to remotely control and monitor the daily operations by getting a snapshot of the company’s activities. It is a means of instantly providing to the Management the information needed to make business decisions. Who do what? When? Who spend what? Where? It is crucial data in the daily management, especially in China.

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