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Baidu Forgot to Hide Her Undies in Public!


Baidu nowadays takes about 80% of the share of search engine market in China, while sometimes, Baidu is a little bit cunning.

Uncommon result on Baidu

When I searched the keyword “继电测试保护仪” (Relay protection testing device) on Baidu,  I got this result as following:


baidu mistake
Result of keyword “Relay protection testing device”


The first result is Baidu Baike (Baidupedia like wikipedia, but belongs to Baidu itself):


1st result of relay on Baidu
The first organic result of keyword “Relay protection testing device” on Baidu


After the result from Baidu itself, there are still 9 organic results left on the first page.  What needs to mention here is Baidu allows unlimited Baidu Ads result on the first page only if there are 10 organic results on the first page. So you can imagine how bad the postions are for the organic results.

Let’s keep on looking at the other results on the first page: except for the first results, all the other results are companies who produce Relay protection testing device and get quite good SEO result.

But there’s one of them different from all the others: the second result as shown in below:


The second organic result of keyword "Relay protection testing device" on Baidu
The second organic result of keyword “Relay protection testing device” on Baidu


We can see the description is full of name and link of gambling website such as “光明会娱乐城”(”.

Why it happens on Baidu?

After checking some key factors for Baidu SEO like the number of backlinks and Baidu snapshot, I find nothing helps this result perform better than the others except one thing: the small “V” sign following the Baidu snapshot date.

And this verification sign, is only for Baidu SEM users!!!

In other words, Baidu fools all the honest SEOers who work very very hard for her while Baidu only gives her favor to those who pay her.

It’s because this kind of behaviors of Baidu, many Baidu SEOers choose to leave or give up. What’s left behind is a saying in the Baidu SEO circle, Baidu mistreats me thousands of times while I still treat her like my first love.

I think I’ll stop here today lest that Baidu find me censor my sites.

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