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SEO is largely Marketing


 SEO is 70% of marketing and 30% of technique (for me). Everyone has his vision in this domain.

Referencing his website revolves around main big pillars, obtaining backlinks, creation of content, update of the website and the optimization of the code of the website. See the article on SEO marketing.


1.    Creation of content

Who is best placed in a company to write content, present the company, the products and services and highlight the activity?

The marketing department


2.    Get backlinks

How do you get backlink nowadays?

The thing a little “used to be” and not very useful for me it’s the registration on lists or free press release. Meanwhile, there exist other techniques more efficient to get links.



The exchange of links or articles with other blogs or with websites in the same field of activity can help a lot. There are people who will communicate / interact with bloggers, webmasters and negotiate link exchanges.

Who is best placed to do this?

The communication / marketing department

           How to get backlinks naturally or almost?

increasing result 


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Press relations

Communicate with online newspaper and submit interesting articles with attractive news / photos allows you get quality links on websites well evaluated by the search engines.

Who is the best able to be efficient in press relations?

            Communication and marketing department


Make Buzz 

Buzz: Create a buzz on Internet allows to generate a lot of varied links (more tweets) and the more a website is linked by different websites the more it takes importance on search engines.

Who is the only department able to create Buzz?

Marketing of course


Writing reference content

If you can produce reference content and be quoted by other websites, most in the long term, it is obviously very beneficial for your SEO and your webpages.

Who can do that ?

Not many people! Many talk about that but a few finally make it! It’s really hard to write reference content. Some companies manage to publish a reference study on a theme and get links naturally from several websites of this domain.
SEO social media


Improve its presence on social networks

Of course technicians will manage to create robots which automatically like or tweet but it will never be as good as a community manager which will tweet cleverly and will generate a community of follower, or a manager of a Facebook account which will animate a community, answers to questions and thus expand visibility on social networks.

As a reminder, social networks will be more taken into consideration concerning referencing… the more you ”like”, “share” or “tweet” an article, the more the article will be on the op on search engines.


3.    The update of the website


Who is best placed to maintain a website and feed it with content regularly?

Not for the computer engineer of my company in any case!

I think someone in the marketing department could do well, he would learn very quickly the technical side (wordpress for example).

Instead, this kind of work will “bore” a computer engineer, which by definition is more comfortable with the code than writing articles.


4.    Optimize the website


Eliminate errors on the website, optimize the code of the website, the interconnection, I agree it is the job of computer technicians, it is part of the 30% that I mentioned.


Is my reason solid?

Do you share the same point of view as mine?

It is debatable (in the comments)


Olivier VEROT


Marketing Chine

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