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Most buyers in China now are get used to search information online. And 80% Chinese netizens use search engines to find what they want online. In fact, 75% visitors on your website come from search on search engines, especially Baidu and Google.

However, that’s not the only reason to choose  search Engine Optimisation in China. SEO can also benefit your business in the following ways:

1. High acceptance

The visitors from SEO are 50 times easier to be attracted by your products than audience of direct ads.

2. High precision

People who find your website via search for the keywords of your products already have needs to buy it. They can much more easily to make buying decisions when they find the product they are looking for.

3. No limitation

Usually, if SEO on one search engine, it means the positions on other websites won’t be bad. For example, if your keywords appear at the first on Baidu, they  won’t stay on a bad position on Google.

4. Cost-efficient

According to our experience, the cost for SEO marketing is usually 5-6 times lower than that of PPC (pay per click). What’s more, the cost of SEO is stable which won’t increase or decrease when there are more or less clicks.

5. High stability

A responsible SEO agency can help your website have good position on certain keywords for a long long long time, even after stopping for some time.


When can you enjoy the result of SEO?

Now you can increase your visibility in front of potential customer with the help from the expertise of a French and a Chinese expert in Chinese SEO.

Although China offers great opportunities, the Chinese online market is always a big challenge for most foreign companies.

You will probably meet up with these problems:

  • The language barriers
  • Cultrual difference, different way of thinking
  • Different legal system
  • Many competitors are already using advanced SEO techniques.


SEO in China


Chinese SEO

Most Chinese can not speak English: 99% of the population!  So your website have to be in Chinese, proper Mandarin instead of Cantonese or traditional Chinese.

It is necessary to get a good translation and optimize it for Chinese Search Engine.

We provide one of the best solutions in SEO in China.


Our process :

  1. Analyze customer’s business, customers and market
  2. Identify the best Keywords
  3. Analyze your competitors
  4. Optimize your website and pages
  5. Create Content, (quality content)
  6. Link building strategy
  7. Analyze the result and report

Our goal is to bring the qualified traffic to your site and your requests or sales contact.


Baidu SEO

Baidu is the most used search engine in China, and it is very different from Google. We are able to improve your position on Baidu.


Baidu SEO


SEO on

Google is also quite popular for white collar and Chinese searching information. It is quite similar of quality first.


SEO Agency in China, Shanghai

Gentlemen Marketing Agency is a Chinese & French JV with many years experience in China, our quality service based on our profound understanding and experience in local Chinese internet marketing culture.


We truly think that we provide one of the best SEO solutions in China, on both Baidu and , at a competitive price! 


You can speak with us about your project via :

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