Sell Weight Loss Products in China, big opportunities for Western Businesses

How to Sell Weight Loss Products. With an overall rates of obesity between 5% and 6% for the country, but greater than 20% in some cities where fast food is popular, it’s safe to say that most of the Chinese people want to lose some weight. The proof is in the multi-million dollar weight loss supplements market. This battle with the bulge gives to international brands the perfect opportunity to earn some important profits. Here’s how to sell weight-loss products in China.

How Health Brands Can Truly Partner with Chinese Consumers?

As Chinese people become more health-conscious and seek healthier lifestyles, supplements have become an integral part of daily diets. Nutritional supplements such as vitamins and protein drinks have niche markets you can easily target, including those catering to health aficionados, athletes, bodybuilders, and sportsmen. However, supplement distributorship is not an easy way of making money; anyone interested in this field should do some homework before plunging in. If you want to do business online in China, starting locally can provide a good start and help you understand the market better. Perform your search online or through digital advertisements. The company may also help you with business plans and market updates.

Every marketer wants to keep their Chinese customers happy and satisfied as this is the only way to go in growing their business. If you are a weight loss business and want to establish yourself as a leader you need to consistently create weight loss products that will address their needs and will help in improving the quality of their lives.

If you have picked weight loss as your niche then become a specialist about weight loss, you have to think digital and know your target people who are trying to lose weight. Brands need to consider how they can increase their chances of reaching more of these fragmented consumers in a way that respectfully engages them, especially given the topic’s sensitive nature.

If you wonder which weight loss products you want to sell in China. You can choose from supplements, diet menu plans online. Metabolife is probably the most popular weight loss product you can sell from your own home or website. Marketers need to get creative. Some companies are focusing on content to improve consumer health instead of traditional ad campaigns.

Website development: Exploit Your Competitors Weakness

Promote your business. Create a weight loss product website. Frequent message boards about dieting and put a link to your website in your signature. The website should include before and after pictures, the selling points of your weight loss products, and how to purchase them.

Provide curious consumers with helpful content that is simple to access, and build your site to learn more about them in the process. Helping consumers with the right message at the right moment will lead to a better customer experience, and it ensures a higher chance of cultivating a lifelong relationship. Your website should contain useful and informative content that was created with SEO in mind, which means you should be doing things such as using relevant keywords throughout each piece of content you publish on your site.

When you optimize your website for the Chinese search engines, then your site could end up getting a good rank in Baidu’s results, which means you could end up driving a lot of traffic to your site, via the search engines. It is a good idea to update your site on a regular basis, and try to add fresh and new content, as well as engaging content, and don’t forget to include an opt-in form on every page on your website.

The emergence of Chinese social media

In China, Weight loss has become an obsession among the population recently and increased even more in the last decade. With the emergence of social media and photo, video sharing, everybody wants to look slim, fit, and beautiful in what they share with the world.

Wechat and Weibo probably have the largest impact across all Chinese social media platforms, when it comes to fitness and weight loss. These platforms have become the place where people share their best photos and videos with the world, and if you take a closer look, Weibo pictures are often of better quality and visual appeal than anything shared on other Chinese media by the same person.

Since both fitness/weight loss and social media, especially Weibo, rely a lot on visual content, companies in this industry turn to social media for marketing, sales, and promotion as it is currently the best online platform to drive profits. However, not every Fitness Company is able to grow and become big, which means that even if you know you have to use social media, doesn’t necessarily mean you are doing it right.

The Chinese Millennial generation has some unique tastes in the content they want to see on social media, and in order to reach them, you have to plan your content marketing strategy carefully and satisfy their needs, otherwise, they will just skip your post and your company.

Let’s understand what kind of content you should go after

Chinese People, especially the younger generation, value simplicity in your content when it comes to fitness and weight loss. They don’t need complex articles on how your product works, how different ingredients interact with each other to create the desired effect. What Chinese people want to know is “does the product work? Is it harmful or safe to use? How many people have used it before and to what success? How long will it take them to achieve results?”

Keep your content short, this is the truth about the fitness/weight loss industry. Chinese consumers want clarity and exact answers to their questions. keep it to the point and you are going to be one step ahead of your competitors. The fitness industry is 90% visual-based, therefore you need quality photography, images, and videos.

It’s very important to have customer reviews about your product, and they have to be real, from real people who have actually used your product. Positive reviews accomplish two tasks at once: boost your brand credibility and trust among potential consumers and promote your products via social media for free!

Get to know your potential customers in China

You will become a more effective marketer if you know your Chinese customers by heart. This will empower you to easily determine the weight loss products that they will appreciate and that they will be willing to spend money on. Spend some time knowing their needs, their aspirations, the things that they would like to learn, and their most common questions.

Do market research. This is one element that you should never put on the backseat as it can help you determine if you are going to profit from this endeavor. Get to know the latest about this niche and identify the gaps that you will need to fill in. Also, get to know how stiff the competition is in the online arena to gauge if you have a great chance of making a sale once your weight loss products are available online.

With consumer experience-focused marketing, branding efforts can strongly influence direct response activity to get a bigger bang in the Chinese marketplace.

Put E-commerce at the center of your digital marketing strategy

Create a strategy that consumers can connect with not only emotionally but also in a way that enables a smarter acquisition strategy.  By building a robust digital presence, E-commerce platforms stay in constant contact with consumers to create awareness of their offerings and help them make informed decisions. If you want to have more information about Chinese E-commerce Platforms, click here.

Great Storytelling: Sell Feelings Not Products

Weight loss brands should focus on people’s feelings and making them feel good. What customers need is not the product; they want what the product will give them: money, respect, freedom, etc. They want the feelings associated with the product.

Successful businesses are those that have managed to clearly communicate their belief, lifestyle, and feelings the brand represents. Allowing people to try your product without attaching any strings to it, eliminates the sense of fear and risk that often stand as an obstacle between your product and your potential customers.

If you want to attract people interested in losing weight, then you should start creating videos and publishing them on various platforms and including Douyin, Youku. Your videos should be short and relate to weight loss or even other areas of fitness.

Better Branding: Offer an Exclusive Product that Solves the Problem

Weight loss brands should understand how to tap into the emotions of their target audience. These brands are very adept at using digital advertisement and marketing strategies. In this case, you have to understand what they think and feel, understand what they see and how that affects them. 

Ultimately, these marketers are effective because they appeal to an individual’s aspirations about improving themselves. The idea is that Chinese consumers can improve themselves and their way of life by living healthier. It is a powerful advertising and marketing tool. And is ultimately about wrapping up the marketing message around this notion that losing weight will instantaneously change someone’s lifestyle and make them a happier person.

The focus is to identify a given weakness and show how this simple solution can help them live healthier and longer life. All they have to do is take one pill a day. It’s a powerful message and one every marketer can learn from.

Gentlemen Marketing Agency

The success of every business depends on the ability of the business to not only maintain a niche market presence but also continually keep up with industry changes. Brands must not only correctly identify their audience, but also tailor their marketing strategy for their specific industry.

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