How to Sell Dietary Supplements in China?

It’s true that the dietary supplements market in China has been booming. More and more Chinese CONNECTING BRANDS TO CHINESE CONSUMERS are consuming dietary supplements to improve their health. You are considering taking your healthy brand to China, but you don’t know-how. In this article, you will find some useful background information about the Chinese consumer market and some more tips you should keep in mind. China’s consumption of Dietary & Health supplements Reaches 16.3 billion USD in 2015. The vitamins and Dietary Supplements market is Booming in China. Experts predict to hit 23 billion USD market by 2020, +7% of increase per year. Opportunities for Foreign Dietary Brands are increasing due to poor Chinese product quality, lot of Food scandals. Half of First tiers city consumers purchase health supplements weekly for their health. The Biggest Market will be the second and third Tierce Cities consumers within the last 5 years.

Health-freaks in China

The Chinese millennials have huge purchasing power. This new generation is definitely not shy to spend some extra cash. In contrast to the previous generation, who were more careful with their expenditure, you can say the opposite it’s true for the millennials. They have a different purpose in life, which is enjoying life to the fullest. They excessively spend more money on traveling and buying valuable goods. And something that Chinese millennials definitely value is their health.

Now let’s list some key communication tools that your brand definitely needs to survive in the Chinese market.

Key Communication Tools to Enter the Chinese Market

Explore the Chinese consumer market

For your dietary supplements brand, it could sound a bit intimidating to enter the Chinese consumer market. So, therefore, the first step for starters is getting to know the market that you are dealing with.

As mentioned before the Chinese consumer market has a huge purchasing power that you can’t compare to any other nation in the world. More and more dietary supplements are consumed every year.

There are definitely many opportunities for your brand in China. Moreover, it has the potential to be a great success. With some guidance, you are able to sell your dietary supplements to satisfied and loyal Chinese consumers.

The next step for your healthy brand is to decide what your target audience will be. Logically, your target audience will probably be the upper or middle-class of China with a high income. That’s because dietary supplements are luxury goods.

Create your own website for Chinese customers

A Website is a very important tool for exposure. For this, you will need to create a nice website that is of course accessible for Chinese consumers. Today, when someone isn’t familiar with a brand or product, he or she will look it up on the internet for more information. Not only is a website accessible on a computer, but consumers are also often looking up information on their mobile devices.

A website should have good content and should provide users with photos and videos for more exposure. Chinese consumers are very visual people, thus like to see pictures of your product from every angle. A website can also be a great tool to communicate with your consumers and future prospects.

Baidu: Optimise SEO to attract quality Traffic

So, your healthy brand is active on the internet. But that’s not all. If you are active on the internet, you also need to create traffic to your website. This means that people can find your website via search platforms on the internet.

China has its own search engine namely, Baidu. Baidu or Chinese Google can create a lot of traffic to your website if you use this tool the right way.

If your website is mobile-responsive, can be easily found on Baidu. Therefore, your website can have a higher rank than other companies that are selling similar goods. The benefit from this is that a higher rank equals higher visibility. And more visibility generates more traffic to your website which gives your brand more opportunities to grow in the future.

For example, Chinese consumers who are looking for dietary supplements in Shanghai, have to find your website on Baidu and the nearest shop where they can buy it.

Being active on social media is crucial for your healthy brand and it’s even more essential in China. Because of china’s digital growth, social media has become even more prominent in the daily life of a Chinese consumer.

WeChat is also known as the Chinese Facebook can have a huge impact on your company. And why is that? WeChat has over 900 million users and has many features that other social media apps don’t offer. For example, WeChat Pay is often used in China, to pay for meals, taxis, doctors visit, the possibilities are endless. Moreover, WeChat has become so useful to Chinese users that can’t live without it.

This platform could give your healthy brand a huge boost and creates many chances, even for a small starting company. Here you can set up a strategic business plan to reach a lot of health freaks at once.

How to Sell in China your Health Supplements Brand?

You need a Brand, a well-known Brand in China to really think about Make Money in China.

After that, you can think about Tmall Global, the number one platform to Sell Health Supplements in China.

Largest Choice for Dietary Supplement in China!

Health Supplement is a top Seller product on Tmall Global.

Brands can export their products directly to Chinese consumers without having a legal entity and register their products

JD the Challenging ECommerce company is already performing well to sell Dietary and Health Supplements in China.

Another Vertical ECommerce platform can be used to distribute Products, and all of them have a different way of Dealing with Western Companies.

Last but not at least, there is another way to market dietary supplements. You also have the option to work with intermediaries. Instead of you promoting your brand yourself, intermediaries can do the work for you.

This is also very popular in Western culture. A great example is the company “SUGARBEARHAIR”. They work with high-profile celebrities like “The Kardashians” to promote their dietary supplements on Instagram.


Intermediaries could be actors, singers, and internet celebrities, in general, they are trendsetters. These idols have many fans, who support them and want to live the same life as them. If these trendsetters consume your dietary supplements to improve their health, fans will notice your brand and want to have it too.

Do you need a Healthy Marketing Agency to Enter the Chinese Market?

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