Rihanna’s “Fenty Beauty” debut on Sephora Tmall Global Flagship Store

Today we are looking at Rihanna’s brand Fenty Beauty and its integration into China’s number 1 eCommerce platform: Tmall. We will also give you a reminder of Tmall’s main features.

Rihanna’s “Fenty Beauty” shop on Sephora Tmall Global Flagship Store

Rihanna is one of the most popular music icons in the world. Her music has dominated the charts for a long time and hence the singer has a massive fan following.

Fenty Beauty in China & the World

Fenty Beauty (stylized as FEИTY BEAUTY) is a cosmetics brand launched in September 2017 by the singer Rihanna.

In September 2017, working with Kendo, the LVMH group’s incubator for beauty brands, Rihanna created her makeup range, Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty. Presented simultaneously in 1,600 stores in 17 countries, the new line is designed for women of all shades.

The intent behind having so many shades to offer is to differentiate from other makeup companies that do not cater to a broad market.

Its 91 different products, available exclusively on Sephora and on the beauty retailer website, include foundation, lipstick, cream blush, and others.

 Rihanna’s Fenty beauty presence on Tmall Global

The opening of the Sephora store on Tmall Global has led some brands to open cross-border layers for their brand. Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty is one of these brands.

Rihanna has looked for ways to expand her brand, and the launch of the Sephora Tmall Global store seems to be an excellent opportunity to make her brand known in Asia.

In a statement released by Sephora, it was mentioned that the company was delighted to have several prestigious brands on board for the initiative of its Tmall Global store.

They also expressed their gratitude to China for allowing them to present many Western brands to the Chinese people and thus open new avenues.

Sephora also said that they will work to satisfy the Chinese people and help them keep up with western emerging trends.

Sephora Tmall Global flagship store

Present in China for 15 years, Sephora has witnessed the constant evolution of China’s beauty needs.

On May 20 the beauty retailer Sephora joins hands with leading cross-border e-commerce platform Tmall Global to launch the Sephora Tmall Global Flagship Store.

The opening of the Sephora Tmall Global Flagship Store offers Sephora a great opportunity to continue strengthening its commitment to the Chinese market, satisfying the changing trends of the Chinese consumer and the evolving need to improve its beauty power.

As part of the launch, a showroom is also inaugurated that presents cross-border beauty products with “cloud shelves” in the Sephora physical store to further enrich the customer experience and create online-offline synergies.

Tmall is the perfect Channel to Introduce Foreign Brands

The opening of the Sephora Tmall Global Flagship Store offers Sephora a great opportunity to continue strengthening its commitment to the Chinese market, satisfying the changing trends of the Chinese consumer and the evolving need to improve its beauty power.

Benjamin Vuchot, Asia President of Sephora said:

Based on our long-term relationships with global beauty brands, we are glad to cooperate with Tmall Global to introduce overseas brands into China market. Through the synergy of online and offline channels, consumers can access overseas brands to fulfill their emerging and evolving needs”.


Brands’ China debut under Sephora

The store offers Chinese consumers 600 products from 25 overseas brands that allow them to ignite their beauty power without national borders. Products like:

  • make-up
  • skincare
  • fragrance
  • hair-care

Today, Chinese consumers are not satisfied only with famous brands but they want a wider range of choices of niche brands abroad that help them demonstrate their personal style with a bold and “to try” attitude.

That’s why Sephora Tmall Global Flagship Store is launched a series of signature brands’ China debut, such as:

  • NATASHA DENONA, a popular American beauty brand well known on social media for its hottest eye shadow palette
  • Sunday Riley is an emerging brand that embraces global beauty trends, technology, and plant extracts.
  • Fenty Beauty was founded by the music, fashion, and beauty icon Rihanna
  • Bon Parfumeur, a French independent perfume house
  • Pharmacy is one of the bestselling natural skincare brands in Sephora America.
  • Dermalogica, is known for its professional skin health products.

Why is Tmall China’s premier online shopping destination?

According to Statista, the largest Chinese e-commerce company Alibaba had another strong quarter at the beginning of 2020. The annual number of active consumers on its online shopping properties in China reached 726 million by the end of March, increasing from 711 million at the end of December 2019. Tmall.com was one of its main platforms to contribute to these results.

Tmall main features

  • The largest business-to-consumer (B2C) retail platform in Asia enabling businesses to sell directly to millions of consumers throughout China.
  • As an open platform market, Tmall provides the infrastructure to host your store and unfiltered access to hundreds of millions of buyers.

Tmall has established itself as the destination for quality, brand-name goods catering to increasingly sophisticated Chinese consumers and is the most visited B2C online retail website in China.

There are two ways to join Tm all’s platform:

  • Companies with China in-country business operations can apply to Tmall.com.
  • Companies with overseas licenses are eligible for Tmall Global.

Tmall Global

Tmall Global allows foreign brands without a Chinese business entity to sell to consumers directly by opening their exclusive flagship stores. It is the first choice for many well-established international brands to land if they wish to sell in China.

It is extremely popular among global brands that already have a recognizable brand in China for several reasons:

  • introduce the overseas brand into China market
  • connect Chinese customers to the world
  • synchronize the local community with global trends
  • bring together numerous emerging and popular overseas brands
  • offer the benefit of breaking geographical and time barriers through cross-border e-commerce

Tmall VS Tmall Global

Opening a store on a Chinese B2C e-commerce platform such as Tmall requires a company with a Chinese entity. For this reason, the cross-border e-commerce Tmall Global offers a relatively accessible access strategy for foreign companies wishing to reach Chinese online consumers.

Opening a store on Tmall involves different steps regarding the creation of possible stores. For more information on how to open a store on Tmall click here.

How can brands open their store on Tmall Global?

There are 5 entry processes and 4 types of stores that can be opened via Tmall.hk.

Make sure you are ready to invest the time and resources needed in launching your store, as opening and running a store on Tmall.hk requires a lot of effort.

Entry processes

  1. Entry preparation (E.g. Create a logistics plan, Prepare necessary documents, Complete negotiations and sign contracts with TPs)
  2. Store application (Sign Tmall.com/Alipay agreement, open Alipay compatible bank account)
  3. Store development (E.g. Plan product categories, plan pricing model, build product detail pages)
  4. Pre-launch (Develop a new opening plan, develop promotion plan, upload store pages to Tmall.com)
  5. Launch (Store live on Tmall.com)

There are 4 Store types available on Tmall

Flagship store

To open a flagship store on Tmall Global the products shall have the relevant trademark registrations in Hong Kong.

  • If Merchant is a brand owner, they shall provide the trademark registration certificate for their products.
  • If Merchant is an exclusive authorized dealer, he shall provide the trademark registration certificate for the products and the letter of authorization for selling his products.

Flagship store (Marketplace)

Merchants shall have or have applied for a Class 35 trademark (the “Service Mark”) in Hong Kong for their brand.

  • If Merchant is the owner of the Service Mark, the Merchant shall also provide its trademark registration certificate.
  • If Merchant is not the owner of the Service Mark, the Merchant shall provide the Service Mark and evidence of their exclusive authorization to use or operate a store on Tmall.hk Website using the Service Mark.

Authorized store

An authorized store can be opened on Tmall if the merchant has the license to sell brand goods in their store.

  • The products shall have its trademark registration in Hong Kong.
  • Authorized stores, also called franchise stores, can sell different products on their stores but is dependent on them having the authorization to sell those brands on their store.

Specialty store

To open a specialty store on Tmall Global, you need to be a merchant with documents of brand authorization giving you distribution rights to sell their products.

  • Evidence of product source, and invoice of the products purchased.
  • The name of the shop shall not infringe on the legitimate rights of others.
  • Specialty store types may sell products of up to two categories.
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