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International Yoga Day

This year again, we observed the International Yoga day on 20 June 2016 for the second year running.

All the yoga lovers gathered together from over 190 countries to celebrate the summer solstice and the longest day of the year. They practiced their favourite sport by doing special posture uniting the body and spirit.

This special day was created in India and was expanded across the entire world.

The amazing spot in Beijing











In Beijing it was really impressive this year as there were almost 200 yoga practitioners on the amazing scenic spot at Shilin Gorge, a glass viewing platform, 700-meter-high in Pinggu district. With a 32.8-meter-long platform this is the worlds largest glass viewing platform.











It was exceptional for enthusiasts and practitioners who were able to practice their yogic techniques suspended above the mountains. It was a perfect spot de-stress far from the crowded city.


Everywhere in the world, let’s take a breath

People across the world from China to the United States passing by India among others woke up really early this day for this spiritual practice.

In Sydney they admired the sunrise on top of the Sydney Harbour Bridge

Sydney harbour bridge










Or in front of the iconic Opera house

Sydney opera










In India as well, practicing yoga is really important, it is a deep part of the culture. In Ahmedabad, people enjoyed this day.

ahmedabad india










Even in crowded New York, inhabitants came to Times Square to relax.Unknown










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