Cosmetics in China: Top 10 Marketing Strategies

Cosmetics in China: how to quickly increase your Brand Awareness in China, develop your Reputation and enlarge your Distribution? We will explain how Brands do effective Marketing campaigns in China and how we can help you.

 Cosmetics: How to quickly increase your Brand Awareness in China?

cosmetics in China

Chinese customers are known to be very difficult to approach.

In addition, the cosmetics market is very crowded. If you’re into this business, you already know you will have many competitors which have basically the same expectations as you: attracting new Chinese consumers every day.

Here is a guideline you must follow if you want to expand your brand in the Cosmetics Market in China.

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Do not wait for clients: go digital!

Obviously, you are a new Cosmetics marketer and you are ready to attract people. You want to be famous and become a reference in the Cosmetics area. Therefore, you have to be patient, becoming popular takes time. Don’t panic, there is a solution before your brand’s name spreads onto the Chinese market.

Indeed, you can support your brand’s launch with online marketing. What is this? It’s basically a simple way to show your products to Chinese customers. Giving emotions to your target is crucial. That’s why sharing photos and videos on famous Chinese Social Networks is one of the best ways to engage the population.

Online DIgital Cosmetics China BRanding

Cosmetics in China: you have to Meet your first customers on Social Networks

Don’t hesitate to use buzz marketing or ads concerning your brand on the web, allowing you to increase your audience. The Internet is the biggest information channel in China and represents a good solution to expand your brand’s name. Indeed, Chinese users are very used to Social Networks such as Weibo or WeChat. Most of them have registered accounts. They love being aware of every single buzz, trend, the tendency by watching videos, and photos posted on the Brand’s pages. Consequently, using these platforms and all the services they provide will allow you to reach your Chinese audience. Social Networks platforms will help your brand to spread easily and reach a maximum of users quite quickly. This allows you to build your own network, a kind of community interested in your products. Take all advantages they offer you in order to spread your brand and get your future loyal customers.

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Convince consumers with a good reputation

When consumers do not know a brand, they will look for information online. With the trust issue still going on in China, you have to reassure those who do not know you and convince them that your products are good and suited for them. How do you do that? By making sure that positive results appear online about your brand, especially testimonials from consumers. Consumers need to be reassured about the products: they will trust the opinion of fellow consumers more than the official speech of a brand.

Choose online newspapers to spread the word

Chinese people are not interested in classic newspapers. Nevertheless, as said above, they are very connected and attracted by Social Media. Online newspapers exist and the concept is far from the ancient tradition. Chinese users choose their favorite e-journals to read and follow all they want to know about what is happening in society and about any subjects they find.

You have the possibility to share your own brand’s information through journalists’ publications. They write about your brand on their own and they allow you to attract their regular readers. That is also a solution to promoting your brand. Articles written by journalists have a huge impact on customers’ minds. They automatically think you have a good reputation if their favorite e-journal writes nicely about your brand.


Test your customers through platforms

KIMISS Cosmetcis China

On this kind of platform, everyone can debate and discuss cosmetics brands that have their own page. Journalists write articles and Chinese users can share their opinions. Followers find the latest cosmetics trends, girls can receive the latest piece of advice to improve their makeup skills. The most popular platform is Kimiss with 3 million registered users. This kind of platform is very important for your e-reputation. But be careful! You can see the good news but also the bad ones. Therefore you must be ready to react if a bad buzz appears because all these pieces of information can’t be deleted.

Manage your business by checking articles written by journalists about your brand. In addition, it is important to identify your target to be able to adapt your strategy development and study carefully their comments in order to satisfy them.

The key point for your brand is getting KOL (Key Opinion Leaders). They share their opinion about your products, write articles concerning your brand, and advise customers about cosmetics to use and how to use it. They represent a big opportunity to increase your popularity among all Kimiss users.

Participate in trade shows – Exhibition in China & Hong Kong

Stand salon du cosmétique

The trade show market represents an opportunity for your cosmetic brand. It is crucial to have an attractive booth so that distributors pay attention to your brand.

In Hong Kong, Cosmoprof is Great Exhibition for beauty Brand in Asia

In China, Beauty Expo is one of the biggest.

Going to the Exhibition is a First, having a great positioning and a nice stand to attract many distributors it is another thing.

Do you Need a Marketing Agency to guide you in China?

We are a Marketing Agency specializing only in China in Marketing, (Promotion, Branding Distribution consulting & E-Commerce ). We help Cosmetics Brands to develop their Business in China.

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  • Trade show – Exhibition in cosmetics, they are dead .. or dying.
    I see every year in Hong Kong so many companies that tries and fail and can not get one F*king distributors after 3 days of Show.

    I really beleive that China is special , special country special habbits and need special strategy to enter this market

  • Thank you for this great article very rewarding. The Chinese are increasingly paying attention to their appearance, which is a great oppportunity for foreign brands to enter the Chinese market. However, if the brand is not known, Chinese will be less interested in their products. It is therefore important for foreign brands to stand out from their competitors.

  • I think that it is interesting for every cosmetic brand even if they have already a good reputation. Many brands like Yves-Rocher still promote their cosmetic brand even if they are well-known. It’s better to use social media and SEO than traditional media in China because as I can see in China, Chinese are much more connected than others country. I will read others article about the subject. Thank you very much!

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