How to Promote Your Wine in the Chinese Market?

Today, the wine industry in China is progressing quickly in the market.


Despite the fact that wine is not part of Chinese culture, the wine market is very dynamic with an increase of over 25% in consumption every year.
White wines and rosé are increasingly consumed, but consumption remains dominated by red wine.

The Chinese Consumer Needs to Know More

Chinese consumers, discovering new products, feel the need to feel confident about a brand. Thus, it is necessary to provide detailed information about your product.

There is no secret, a famous wine with a good image will be easier to sell. Therefore, you need a good marketing strategy to make yourself known to both retailers and consumers.

A good solution is to combine the wine culture and the Guanxi (business relationships in China), with wine tasting and oenological workshops with an expert or a wine sommelier.

Digital Presence in China

The Chinese consumer is very connected (about 600 million users), he spends most of his time on the internet looking for new products. Moreover, he is very sensitive to the opinions and comments of his entourage. The speed with which he will find information about your product is crucial.

Presence on social networks 

You should know that 91% of Chinese netizens now have accounts on at least one social network.

Having a strong presence on social networks increases the chances of your brand being shared between users. Interaction on social networks with potential consumers is vital.
Therefore, it is necessary to be present on the most popular platforms: Weibo and WeChat.

China is a country more and more connected, with the revolution of WeChat, it is very easy for Chinese consumers to scan QR codes.
A QR code on your labels allows consumers to know where you are distributing wine; it can also inform and engage the consumer at the time of the purchase.


More on Chinese social media here.

Optimize visibility on search platforms

It is necessary to optimize your visibility on local search engines such as Baidu (or SEO: search engine optimization). We are talking about increasing traffic to your site, your web visibility, and improving the quality of your audience.

If you consider foreigners in China as targets, it is important to be also present on international social networks such as Facebook and of course to optimize your ranking on Google.

Importance of E-Commerce in China

The wine sector is no exception to the increase in sales through online purchase platforms. It is important for your sales to engage in e-commerce through wine sales sites or through your own website.

Chinese websites distribute thousands of bottles per month throughout China. On Tmall (B to C platform for online sales), e-shops have been set up to sell wine online and have managed to attract a large clientele.

Check this article on Zhongguo Wine.

ecommerce in China

Do not forget your E-Reputation in China

In China, wine has a good reputation, it represents refinement and internationalism through wine’s therapeutic properties.

Today, Chinese consumers read articles on specialized sites and like to get informed about brands through forums.

The wine brands wishing to operate in China should pay attention to their e-reputation because many consumers will rely on the information on the net and critics associated with your brand.

Sans titre

To stimulate your online communication…

.. Focus on the online press

The Chinese consumer does not read on paper anymore. He will be more sensitive to the publications through online newspapers with which you can get a partnership.

Inviting journalists to events is a great way to know the product and establish close ties with reporters.

.. Do not forget to get a KOL

Key Opinion Leaders help to foster word of mouth: 10% of people influence 90% of the population in China, so for effective communication, simply communicate with this 10% of opinion leaders. It is an indispensable way to influence the Chinese consumer.

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  • It’s a good opportunity for wine industry to have a market in China. More and more chinese are interested by foreign wine. Internet is the best way to promote the brand because Chinese people are so connected. Thank you for this article. It’s very interesting. I will read others article about the subject.

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