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The video game market in China generated in 2016, more than $ 24 billion in sales. With 600 million players on the territory, the country ranks first in terms of industry sales and market size.


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The Chinese population, especially, young men have a strong sensitivity to video games. Since Chinese people are generally known for their connectivity with their environment, this is also felt in the video game industry since, the younger individuals in these segments are relatively techy.

Video games are becoming a vector of growth and development for many companies that want to penetrate this market. In this article, we will give you some tips to help you get there successfully.

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We are the top and most visible Web & Marketing Agency for China you will find on the web. Our Services: E-Commerce, Search Engine Optimization, Advertising, Weibo, WeChat, WeChat Store & PR.

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A market democratized by mobile games

Mobile games are well on their way to becoming a prominent player in this industry. Indeed, these games on mobile applications are in the process of democratizing and devolatilizing the video game market, enabling to attract even more consumers. Video games in China on smartphones accounts for 38% of the industry’s sales with a market size of more than two billion players.

Video Game in ChinaWhy such a craze for mobile games while Western countries have a strong attraction for console games will you say? Well, since the 2000s, the Chinese government has banned gaming industry giants like Sony or Microsoft from selling their consoles on the territory or advertising them. A subsidiary market has thus been created.

The market is attracting more and more developers who see in this market an opportunity for development because it attracts an increasingly large audience. We can even consider the video game market to have become a mass market that only wants to become more and more broad.

Many game developers see the Chinese market as a boon to the growth of their business. Nevertheless, the Chinese market is a market with its own specificities. To promote your game, some ways to make yourself visible to your target audience will be realized.

Here are some tools you can use to promote your game in the Chinese market:

Reputation is the watchword in China

Video Game in China smartphoneBuilding your fame on the territory is the basis of any marketing campaign in China. Indeed, the Chinese are sensitive to the reputation of a company when this one intervenes in their process of purchase. Creativity, communication, and your presence on different media will allow to associate values ​​to the image of your games and your brand.

To build this reputation, it is necessary that the word of mouth of your services be positive. Do not hesitate to target the video game communities to convey your image. You will usually find these communities in various internet forums.

Press Relations and E-Magazines for Gamers

The press relations allow the brand to be seen in the online media news of the country. This reinforces the reputation of any business. Premium RPs generate backlinks and allow you to spread your message on many e-news platforms specific to your industry. Portals for sharing Mandarin content should also be used, and specialized for video game in China.

Conduct an analyze to benchmark the most relevant portals to share press releases and create a series of elements based on the launch of the game, its gameplay, its history etc …

Partner with one or more influencers

For Video Game in China, the Key Opinion Leader in China, are public figures followed on digital anals by many Internet users who, find themselves and share the same interests, values ​​as influencers. These KOLs have a strong power of influence in the consumption of the Chinese and have become true prescribers.


Using a KOL can be a relevant solution to your promotion. The content published by the KOL generally becomes viral on the Chinese internet sphere. The brands do not hesitate to call on them for launch operations and get the first feedback about the game.

Partnerships with these gaming influencers can take the form of crash testing of the game to test the gameplay, the creation of a series of let’s play to discover the whole game or a review announcing the next games Trends in the sector. Any tool is good to make talk about you!

Mobile Banners

Mobile banners are a pioneer in promoting mobile advertising and is still a commonly used medium. Ads are displayed on web pages to attract traffic by clicking on them. To achieve a quality banner a quality call to action is needed. Click on the banner to create various interactions with users.

example of Video Game in China


The basis of SEO in China starts on the Baidu search engine with a domain name For optimal efficiency of your strategy, hosting your site in China will allow you to gain more visibility for your Video Game website.

Baidu SEO  is very important for the long-term growth of a brand since 75% of Internet searches are carried out on this engine. You must be visible based on keyword searches in Mandarin characters using articles, content, and an official Mandarin site.

In Video Game in China, Mobile optimization is one of the biggest ranking factors for both Baidu and Google. More and more people are using their mobile devices to access websites, this phenomenon means that search engines now view the mobile performance of a website as being one of the most important aspects of SEO. Baidu considers it so strongly, that if you do not optimize your site for the laptop, then it will do it for you.

Promotion of your vidéo game on Wechat

WeChat is the largest social network in China with more than 850 million users per month. This ecosystem is generally used by brands for the promotion and launch of new product and service as it is considered in the country as a vector of communication. Do not skimp on ways to create interactive content on the platform and attract maximum traffic.

Getting into the Chinese market may seem complicated and it’s up to you to know if your game will be compatible with your target. According to CEO of Next Games “you probably need to have a local partner to locate the game in the country – more than the language”. 

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