What is Tmall?

Tmall.com, also called Tian Mao (天猫) in Chinese is a business-to-consumer online retailer, cousin of Taobao and launched in 2010 by one of the biggest Tech companies in China, Alibaba. It allows foreign and local brands to sell their products. It offers a wide range of products such as apparel, foods, shoes, luxury brands, and other types of products. Tmall officially became an entity when Jack Ma, Alibaba’s founder, creates three different companies.

Tmall.com launched a few year ago Tmall Global, which allows foreign brands to register to Tmall and to access to the Chinese market. According to Tmall.com official English page, there are two ways to open a Tmall Shop: local brands on Tmall.com and foreign brands on TMall Global.


As they say “Operating a Tmall.com storefront is much like operating your own B2C website, offering autonomy from design to operations to fulfilment and logistics.”

More and more foreign brands are choosing to go online instead of opening physical stores. One example is Costco who choose to go online to sell to Chinese customers. On Chinese single day, Costco earned average revenue of US$3.5 million in only one day

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Are you convinced? I hope you are. Here are several strategies to optimise your Tmall Store.


Do some SEO on Tmall


You may think that having an SEO strategy only stands for a search engine such as Baidu, but it is not the same. Just like on Baidu or even Weibo, people looking for a certain product will enter a couple of words in Tmall search bar. That is where having specific keywords displayed on your Tmall page will help Chinese customers to find you easier. You can optimise your Tmall content by writing an effective product description, having the right title, etc.

You can also use PPC (pay per click) through Tmall Zhi Tong Che (直通车 – see above). Just like on Google or Baidu, you can choose a keyword on which you want to be more visible. As the name suggests, the amount you will pay will depend on how many clicks you gain from this campaign.


Advertise your Tmall Store via banners



Another advertising tool offered by Tmall is called Zuan Zhan. Thanks to this tool, companies can promote their Tmall store through banner ads on most visible areas on Tmall. How do you pay for this service? It is a CPM system (cost per thousands of impressions).

Collaborate with Key Opinion Leaders (KOL)

kol tmall

If you want to quickly raise your brand awareness in China, you should partner with key opinion leaders. A key opinion leader is a person with a strong online presence and most importantly, an influence on numerous Chinese netizens. Some of these KOLs are actors, singers, or simply online celebrities.

You can leverage these partnerships by collaborating with a local Chinese celebrity for example for your Tmall banner ads or any other advertising campaign on Chinese social media.


Tmall and Social Media


Last but not least, you should leverage tools such as social media platforms. The main social media in China are WeChat, Weibo, Qzone, QQ and Ren Ren. WeChat is the first social media platform in China. It is estimated that about 7 out of 10 Chinese netizens use WeChat. WeChat is an instant messaging mobile app developed by Tencent. Another very famous app is Weibo, a microblogging platform with more than 222 million active users in China.


Source: taobaofieldguide.com

You can draw traffic for your WeiBo account for example by posting flash promotions, or discounts. This is actually what Bjorn Borj did with their Taobao store by posting an promotion ad on their Weibo account. It generated according to Synafi more than 85 comments and 311 shares.


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  1. Thanks for the tips. Digital is the best way to promote a Tmall shop. There are a lot of brands which have a partnership with a KOL. They can increase the presence of the product or the brand. You have to do some ressearch to know which is the best KOL for your brand. If the KOL doesn’t suit with your brand, it is less relevant.

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