Brand Promotion in China is harder because most of Brands are investing a lot to get the attention of Chinese consumers.

Linking over 1 billion people, social media is one of the biggest strategies in everyday life and everyday business or marketing in China. This country has one of the biggest numbers of active users in social media with one of the biggest number of time spent in these social media platforms. People go to social media to do everything: review a movie, check what’s popular before making purchases, see what friends are doing and what the are buying. In short, people in social media trusts the information they see and they respond.


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Brand Promotion in China

Brand promotion in China Internet

How to leverage Chinese internet for your Brand ?

As of April 2014, China has a total population of 1.36 billion people with a 45% internet population at around 618 million, almost twice the population of the USA. 81% of them access the internet through a mobile device while 70% of them through desktop computers, and 44% of them through laptops. Chinese users spend an average of 25 hours on the internet every week.

Online activities in the Chinese market

The top four on-line activities for the Chinese netizens are instant messaging, on-line news, search engine, and on-line music, with instant messaging making the most popular on-line activity in China. However, the fastest growing on-line activities in China are group buying, travel booking, on-line shopping, and on-line payment with an increase of 69%, 632%, 25%, and 18% respectively.

Social media network categories

There are different categories or platforms with different uses in the social media, some of them are:

Instant messaging



There are at least 532 million active users for instant messaging, but most of these users have more than one account making Tencent’s QQ, China’s most popular instant messaging platform, have more than 808 million active accounts by the end of 2013.

Another instant messaging application is Aliwangwang, a service provided by Taobao, where vendors and buyers get in touch. Some of the buyers in Taobao loves to bargain, Aliwangwang could easily provide that service for them.

Search engine

In the search engine market, there are at least 490 million search engine users in China with Baidu being the most popular followed by Qihoo 360 Search, Sogou, Bing, Google, and Soso.

Social networks

Chinese netizens register in these top social networks: Wechat, Tencent Weibo, Sina Weibo, Renren, and Kaixin, with monthly active users big in QZone, Tencent Weibo, Sina Weibo, Renren, and Momo. 625 million of these netizens are actively using QZone monthly in China, that’s more than half of facebook’s global monthly active users.

Wechat, owned by Tencent, is known as the most popular messaging app in China, with over 355 million monthly active users; 79% of Whatsapp’s total global monthly active users. The top activities of users on Wechat are text messaging, voice messaging, using their time feature “Moments”, and group chatting.

Sina Weibo has more than 129 million monthly active users, and 73% of these users access their Weibo accounts from their mobile gadgets. The top activities of users of Weibo include sharing information, reading news, making posts, and enjoying videos/music. There are already around 404 thousand corporate accounts on Sina Weibo, which generated advertising revenue of $56 million at the end of 2013, a year-on-year growth of 163%.

Business networking


Business platforms are slowly on the rise in China. Three of the most popular professional networks in China are Dajiewang, Tianji, and Jingwei. Dajiewang generated 24 million users by the end of 2013, followed by Tianji with 18 million users.

Social life review

Douban, a popular interest-based sns in China, has around 72 million registered users with 200 million monthly visitors. One third of movie viewers in china are Douban users.

Dazhong Dianping is where users review place they’ve been to and place they want to go, giving travellers a list of things to bring, to be ready for, and a view of the place they are planning to go to.

Videos and music


There are at least 428 million online video viewers in China. Two of the top Chinese online video sites are Youku and Tudou, which attracts to about 400 million unique viewers every month, that’s 40% of Youtube’s global unique users. 58% of Chinese online video users watched videos on mobile in 2013.

Dating networks


Dating networks are used by the lonely or sometimes players by finding and meeting new people. Some of the dating networks work more like an instant messaging platform than a real “dating network”.

Jiayuan and Momo are two of the most popular dating networks in China with Momo also known as a location-based social networking app. Momo has around 100 million registered users.

E-commerce platforms


Online shopping is really big in China. There are more than 302 million online shoppers in China by the start of 2014. Taobao, which is under Alibaba, is China’s biggest online retail platform, and has about 500 million registered users.

The market size of online shopping in China reached $296 billion by the end of 2013 with each Chinese online shopper spending almost $1,000.

The total volume of third-party online payment reached $865 billion by the end of 2013, with Alipay as the top third party payment platform and has nearly 300 million verified users, twice the number of globally active Paypal accounts.

M-commerce platforms in China

In 2013, mobile shopping represented 9% of the online shopping market in China. 48% of online shoppers in China are also mobile shoppers. Mobile payment users in China are 48% of total online payment users. A total of 2.78 billion mobile payments were made on Alipay in 2013, making nearly 5,300 mobile payments every minute.

Chinese social media
Brand promotion in China Word of Mouth

Business value of social media in China

The products reviewed, both positive and negative, have an impact on somebody in social media. That’s what businesses in China use to lure out consumers for their products. With the very huge customer base that is all in social media, it is practical for a company to use social media as a marketing strategy.

According to the statistics above, social media has a lot of uses and varieties. With this very wide variety of platforms, understanding the digital world in China can be very difficult. The best social media to use depends on the business you are about to open.

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