Baidu is the very tool to use in China, understanding how works its SEO is essential.

Why Baidu is Popular in China

In search engine dominance, Google cannot complete Baidu in China. Baidu headquarters is in Beijing, China and has employees 46,391 (Jan 1, 2015). According to 2015 estimates, Baidu revenue increases CNY 66.382 billion with total assets CNY 147.853 billion. Baidu has become one of the most popular search engines in China and no other search engines. Baidu is completely change and becoming a strong platform in China for Google market. People of China prefer to Baidu and mostly use this in their routine lives. They solve day to day tasks, importing meetings, arrange schedules, and arrange budgets etc. Baidu is very famous and most demanding service in China. With the fastest growing Chinese online market is getting popularity everywhere in the world and people from all over the world taking more and more interests to participate in local and international projects. Online marketing trend has got remarkable progress due to rapid public response and instant marketing solutions. Baidu introduced many features and awesome options for Chinese people to use for different types of communications and to interact with each other.



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Reasons to use Baidu for Search Engine Marketing

There are many reasons to use Baidu for SEM in China. Baidu is an extremely strong platform for all those companies who connect with growing Chinese market online on behalf of their latest technology attachment and introducing required features for Chinese people. Baidu offers many services in China including Chinese search engine for websites, images and audios files and almost 57 search and community services as well. People use Baidu in almost 57 services and remains in touch with the world to connect with each other and to remain up to dates about different services and communications. For search engine marketing, Baidu has become number one choice for small and for large scale business persons. The scope of SEM in China is very bright and people who know the role of SEM for business and product development, they mostly use many techniques and innovative ideas to convey their messages and to aware people about new trends of the Chinese market.

Share of Baidu in Chinese Market

According to the estimates and forecasting of China Internet Watch, Baidu has achieved 70% market share in China. Yahoo, Bing, Google also running SEM advertisements worldwide but in China, Baidu is competing to all those search engines efficiently and effectively. With 70% market share, Baidu is getting more and more sharing to get the attention of Chinese people by introducing all those features and services which other search engines are doing or going to implement. Baidu has become a trusted and confidential network for Chinese people as well. Baidu is enjoying its great market share in China and facilitating to Chinese people to remain in touch with numerous apps and instant services via the internet.


Baidu Service Active Users

Baidu has reached 700 million active users according to the survey analysis of Forbes. China internet community is getting the advance and updating their living standards rapidly. The Chinese population has been using the internet rapidly and increased in this decade. It is the fastest growing internet population in the world. Mostly young generation is involved in this ratio which is taking more interests due to advancement in technologies and their internet access levels. The active users of China are doubled from the entire population of United States. There are still many chances for SEMs to introduce new segments and attract the population of China to join their services and enjoy great features. No other company is nearer to Baidu regarding fastest internet service and numerous of other features.

Infographic BAIDU English PP

Chinese Trend to use Baidu

Baidu is on the top of the list regarding search engine market in China according to DMR report. Baidu is same doing as Google is doing for the world. Google is not famous in China and this gap is covering nicely by Baidu. Almost all platform of Google, Baidu is covering entirely in China. 90% of China uses Baidu and its features instead of Google, Yahoo or any other search engines. The response is very nice and responding from Baidu side which has become a name of brand and quality in the local and international market. (see also Baidu Crisis)

Online Ads Marketing of China

Baidu is currently displaying ads almost 600k+ websites. Users can run their PPC campaigns as well on Baidu AdWords platform. It is best for interested users to enjoy a feature to run alongside the content of over 600,000 web pages in China. Baidu is ranked on 4th overall by Alexa and has the largest reach of any medium. The position of Baidu in China is solid and cannot be ignored at any stage if making market plans. Online advertisement in China is very useful and profit oriented business to attract targeted audiences in short period of times through effective and result oriented campaigns.

Response of Chinese People for Ads or for SEM

Landscape scenario is totally different in China. Two types of people can be categories in China who likes and who don’t likes to be targeted daily for online advertisements. 47 % people to get of China don’t mind to get regular ads and to receive online ads but the other percentage of people feels this way a bad way to disturb them. China market is attractive to get familiar with products and services. The market of China is great for consumption of quality goods and services and to promote ideas within China and outside of China. There are almost 6 million search queries search on Baidu per day which shows its worth and the trust of the people. SEM has become the need for every scale of business in China and people prefer to use this strategy to market their ideas.

Proper way of Advertisement in China

Use search engine marketing and online advertisements plans to get early success in China. Search Engine Marketing has become the demand and the need for a business person to survive and to get market share instantly. There is no any other way to get early feedback as SEM is. Brand value and forecasting can be increased by legend source of organic traffic through Baidu platform.


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