In China Plastic surgery is booming

In China Plastic surgery is a hot trend , and South Korea has become the cosmetic surgery Mecca for East Asians as it is now the world’s biggest market for plastic surgery.

Here are the reasons why plastic surgery is meeting with success:

 One in five women in Seoul resorts to aesthetic surgery, looking for esthetic perfection. Modernity, consumerism and the accelerated global enrichment of some Asian countries, is the reason why a growing number of asian citizens want to find the aesthetic perfection.


china plastic surgery

According to experts, most of the cosmetic surgeries which women have undergone are considered “Westernization” procedures and South Korea has the highest worldwide per capita rate of plastic surgery. Mostly because people are in a quest for a stereotypical vision of a western face .

What motivates people to have plastic surgery?

Besides their wish to look more “western”, which is considered to be a desirable aesthetic feature among many Asian cultures, people have other reasons to resort to aesthetic surgery.

Some sources say that the rise of K-pop has encouraged the trend of going under the knife. The search for a “western beauty ideal” is more evident in K-pop idols than in the ordinary people and has a direct relationship with their expansion in the international market.

Chinese-Women-Plastic-Surgery-14China plastic surgery

Cosmetic surgery is most popular among women struggling to find employment. Women are still being discriminated onthe way they look in the workplace, with employers often paying attention to physical attributes. This race against time is something that most women are battling.

Looking forward, most women are concerned that they might lose their jobs as they get older, saying that despite their backgrounds, appearance is as important as education.

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Therefore women invest in surgery hoping that it will help them improve their careers as well as their social lives.

The dramatic economic, cultural and political changes in China have produced immense anxiety experienced by women, which stimulates the belief that beauty is capital,” said Wen Hua, an anthropologist.

The most common plastic surgeries

The “double eyelid” is a desirable feature among Asian people around the world . Eyelid surgery is therefore a popular procedure for the upper eyelid which makes the eyes appear more open, less tired, and easier to apply eye shadow on.


There are similar treatments which have become very popular in Asia. For example, rhinoplasty is a procedure that uses a silicone implant to augment the bridge of the nose. Many women also underwent V-line surgery, a jawline contouring procedure popular in South Korea that gives the face a more narrow, heart-shaped appearance.

Chinese consumers

Surpassed only by Brazil and the United States, the Asian giant has become the third country where plastic surgeries are the most practiced. Since the ban on cosmetic surgery was lifted in 2001, China has been experiencing a boom in the cosmetic surgery industry. The industry is thriving and there are more than 10,000 medical centers for cosmetic surgery. This industry is growing at above 40 percent of annual rates in China and around four million interventions are carried out each year.

However, Chinese people who have a high purchasing power are directly traveling to Seoul to be operated, because the south Korean clinics have more prestige and more years of experience.


in China, Plastic surgery can do miracles

According to the Association of Chinese consumers, although surgery has gained huge popularity, aesthetic surgery continues to have its risks. In the last 10 years, 200,000 operations have gone wrong, some procedures even disfigured thousands of faces.

Aesthetic surgery has become as common as going to the dentist in Chinese society. Consequently, more than half of the Chinese believe that it is usually to go surgery to improve their appearance. Some women even feel that is it just like applying makeup.

Plastic surgery promotion In China

Most Companies use traditional advertising campaigns, billboards, TV commercial,s etc.

online Marketing is also used, especially Search Engine Marketing, including SEO, and Banners.

Most girls will spend hours to search information and comment users before doing any operation. reputation is vital for any clinics or agencies that propose this kind of service.

How to market a Plastic surgery center in China?

Step 1: Get a Chinese Website (a good Website)

Step2: Rank well on Baidu on your Keywords like “Plastic surgery USA”  in mandarin

Step 3: Invest in an SEM campaign (Buy Keywords) to get a fast ranking. It is not a long-term strategy but can help you to get your first leads.

Step 4: Social Media Marketing. Create useful content on Social Medias: Weibo and Wechat

Step 5: work on your reputation, like influencer Marketing or PR campaign.

Step 6: Get the leads, explain to potential people what you are doing and convert them into customers.

Ask for more information or example by email and we will answer to you. 🙂

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  • Charles Walsh

    Nowadays, plastic surgery is not just limited to physical reconstruction due to accidents. Beauty enhancement or plastic surgery has become popular not just among celebrities but to non-showbiz people as well. Anyone who can afford the process has the chance to feel more ‘beautiful’ and confident.

  • Really usefull information marketing to China. Yes in China Plastic surgery is a growthing marketing even in 2017.
    Did you see by the way the last news ? A Chinese woman drastically altered her appearance through plastic surgery and fled across the country on a high speed train to avoid paying off her $3.7 million debt

  • It is impressive to see all the people who do cosmetic surgery in China. It’s amazing to see the potential market for the cosmetic surgery industry. This is one of the trends of the 20th century in China. However it is important cosmetic surgery firms to stand out from their competitors. It is through promoting on the internet that they can stand out.

  • I want to sound like an old fart, but surgery situation in China is way too extreme! Usually, we can avoid plastic surgery by bringing up on stage our sexuality, our uniqueness and maybe if some of the china girls believed in themselves more as women they would become new k-pop stars! And you shouldn’t. On our site has more info about what can be fixed, how much it will cost you physically and in numbers.

  • caterina bristot

    Hello Oliver,

    I am Medical Doctor from Milano ( Italy ), specialized in General Medicine, Aesthetic Medicine and Laser Therapy.

    I would like to know what are the very last news about Threads ongoing now in Korea and the new techniques on fashion now.

    I have scheduled a clinic observership at one dermatologic clinic in Seoul this August to have a inner views of the Aesthetic Medicine news .

  • Hi My name is Elbert, Currently working as an intern at JSKBiomed in S.Korea . Our company is brand new with brand new product ready for marketing in China regarding cosmetic surgery hospitals. We would like to know how many certified dermatologists and medical clinics are there in China before implementing an investment plan. Please let us know if you can help.

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