Pinduoduo: A Big Taobao and JD Rival within two years

With the rapid development of the Internet era, Pinduoduo, Mengdian, Yunji, and other social and digital platforms have risen. In these industries, Pingduoduo’s strength is particularly attractive. According to public information, Pingduoduo was established in September 2015, only after 4 months, the transaction volume per day exceeded 10 million. In just one year, the monthly transaction volume reached 1 billion yuan, and the active users reached 100 million. In less than two years, the number of paid users reached 200 million. In the many social e-commerce platforms, what is the unique advantage of Pingduoduo, let it sit on the hearts of hundreds of millions of users?

China Social E-commerce

I believe that most of the users should be shopping the same as the author. Open the e-commerce platform, enter the keywords of the products you need, and then filter them. After you are satisfied, you can place an order. The social electricity commodity platform is different from the traditional shopping mode. It infiltrates social media into consumer life and stimulates the fragmented mobile Internet traffic to form a mesh commercial stream spontaneously through social means, thereby achieving the purpose of aggregating mobile traffic. Building a community, all of which are users, they will write out the products they have used to share, and then there will be more articles to guide more people to buy.

Interesting choice

Shopping in Pingduoduo is like playing “Glory of the King”. Many people team up to fight monsters. Through the joint efforts of everyone, the price of “battle” will be hit lower and lower. Why is the King of Glory user group so large and sticky that it gives users incentives, feedback, and meaningful choices? Shopping in Pingduoduo is the same. Users choose the type of goods according to their own intentions. This is a meaningful choice. Everyone pays for the price, which makes the price lower. This is the incentive. After the price reduction of the products we need, the page jumps to place an order. It is the feedback that Pingduoduo gives to the user. This mode of operation forms a virtuous circle, and the user’s repurchase rate naturally increases.

Pingduoduo’s performance is not for shopping purposes, just like we usually go shopping for about three or five friends. In fact, we don’t have to buy things when we go shopping. We enjoy the process of socializing. PingduoduoCEO Huang Wei once said that “this behavior is that there is temperature shopping” and Pingduoduo’s operating philosophy is such that through the “social + e-commerce” model, more users can enjoy shopping and offline life. The shopping scene in the port is ported to the line. Experience more “water shopping.”

Good value and low price

In Pingduoduo, I have seen that snack foods, home life and clothing, and other products are lower than similar platforms. Some of them have a discount rate of 1-3%, and their price advantage is relatively obvious. In addition, for non-standard products, perishable, difficult to store fruits, seafood, and other products, Pingduoduo has a greater price advantage, the price of the fruit on the Pingduoduo platform is the 2-4 fold of the market price, and the price of seafood products is the market price. 2-7 fold, of which the price of Gaole honey mango is 25% of the market price, and the price of Yangcheng Lake hairy crab is 28% of the market price. The discount rate is relatively large in the same type of electric commodity platform.

Pingduoduo is of low quality and high quality, which is derived from the direct sales of the producers and the direct production of the agricultural land. Direct production of agricultural land. At the earliest, the company first attracted the first batch of user traffic with fruit fresh as the core of the business. As the scale expanded and penetrated the source of agricultural products, it directly signed a strategic cooperation with factories and agricultural land, simplified intermediate circulation links, and reduced circulation costs. The primary source of supply eventually became large. Reduce product prices.

There are also many factories that set up production lines for Pingduoduo. After the products are produced, they are directly delivered to consumers through Pingduoduo’s shopping platform. The non-agent, distribution, and retail links increase the price so that consumers can get prices close to the ex-factory price. Quality products, to the greatest extent, benefit consumers, allowing users to purchase other products of the same quality, but at a lower price than other platforms.

At present, the entire retail industry is gathering in new retail. Pingduoduo, which has only been established for about two years, has achieved a low-key combination of “e-commerce” and “social”, and has deeply explored the active users of WeChat, and endorsed the sharing based on social relationships. Mode, with the advantages of cheap products to reach a wider population, improve the quality of life of users, while Pingduoduo has also become a dark horse in the social business community.

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