Perfumes in China have yet to become trendy

Chinese perfumes were previously used very little compared to the West , particularly France. However in recent years the market begins to slowly awaken. The market is currently small but has many advantages for foreign brands:

  • No or very local representation
  • Only 1% of the world market of perfumery is represented by China even though it represent 20 % of the world population.

What does this mean?

We saw the size that markets can reach in China after the Chinese begin to adhere to one type of product with numbers to make your head spin :


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  • 21 billion euros for the cosmetics industry in 2013
  • A growth of around 20% per year for the sector of e -commerce

So there is a lot of potential for this market as long as you know how to do it and use the right tools.

 Knowing how to act means:

  • Know who your target is
  • What is his behavior?
  • What are your customers’ needs?
  • What product positioning is most effective?

Given that China is going digital (618 million users, 45% penetration rate ),Internet is THE media you want to use. Once you understand this, it’s only a matter of choosing the right strategy using the right tools

A good online reputation is ideal for improving your image

The mastery of online reputation through SEO and / or SEM that can allow you to appear on the first page of results for Baidu , China’s Google with 70% market share.

Why appear on the first page of Baidu? This is simply because if your brand appears on the first page of results you will gain not only visibility but also the consumer trust.

Most of the time the reasoning is as follow: if you appear in the top results of his query you are definitely a good brand, providing trustworthy good product that meets their expectations since you appear on the keywords he or she used.

The ideal result is of course to be the first result showing on the most appropriate keywords for your brand.

perfum reputation

via Tieba

Quality content demonstrates your expertise

Quality content allows you to show your expertise and know-how in the field of fragrances, true skill when it comes to your own perfumes , deep knowledge of the Chinese market and a profound understanding of Chinese customers. Good content will be shared many times via social networks, leading to a wide and easy spread of your content by the users themselves. This kind of distribution works very well in China where Chinese consumers tend not to trust what simply comes from the brands after many problems such as health and safety issues


A strong presence in online newspapers to talk to you

Reaching out to journalists an getting published in their journals will give your brand the legitimacy much needed. Do not forget : capturing your customers attention means capturing the journalists attention. You need to study them, what they write and adapt your content accordingly to increase your chances of appearing in their newspaper. However online PR takes time, it is a long term process that needs to be maintained. Keeping a good relationships with the journalists, and staying in touch are critical for this.


Internet Word of mouth is capital in China

The internet word of mouth ( IWOM ) represents everything that relates to social networks and content sharing , usually from user to user. In the West , people talk Facebook or Twitter. In  China it is all about WeChat and Weibo.

Chanel Weibo

A good community management strategy allows you to maintain a strong community that will often and happily talk about your brand. For instance you have Chanel and its 1.2 million followers on Weibo guaranteeing constant talks and content sharing about the brand across the social networks

Visual quality is essential to treat your image

Perfumes are often associated with luxury and refinement. It is therefore important to create high quality visual highlighting this kind of quality to bring the potential customer a unique browsing experience that will differentiate your brand and products from competing brands.

Photo & Video are super important for the image !

Chanel Experience visuel

Here, as soon as you arrive on Chanel website , a video starts showing british actress Keira Knightely wearing a luxury dress at what seem to be a gala. The first thing you notice is that everything is about refinement, luxury and subtlety (expressed by the very volatile miss Knightley in the clip). This matches the brand target image of the luxury perfume brand that want to show its perfumes as subtle, a kind you remember for a long time and yet discreet.

All of this is expressed by the nice looking gentleman trying to get a glimpse at the young woman before finally rushing outside attempting to catch up

Expert recognition and KOL to increase your credibility

In perfumery , when “noses” talk about your perfume , what they say is heard. If the experts or the KOL speak well of your fragrance, it will positively influence their communities and increasing the number of people looking forward to learning more about your brand. This will ultimately result in an increase of your sales. You should know that in China the word of KOL or experts since they have a high status.

Ie : Yeyiqian 叶一茜


This young woman has no less than 900,000 followers . This is an actress who has taken part in several TV programs and advertisement about cosmetics.

She also made a few appearances in online journals such as PC lady. As a sidenote her husband Tian Lian (田亮), former olympic diving champion who has become an actor, took part of a famous show in China with his child in 爸爸去哪儿 where father and children go living in very simple conditions, a striking contrast with their usually very comfortable life.

The magazines are great to make your products more attractive

The online magazine, are favored by young women who want to learn more about cosmetics including perfumes. They will find expert advice, the latest cosmetics trends. The leader in China ‘s PC Magazine Lady , Chinese can find:

  • The latest products released
  • The latest news in cosmetics and perfumes,
  • Learn how to better use perfumes

PC Lady




The interviews of experts   As you can see ways to reach your target customers are many and the market is still at an embryonic state. This is the right time to have the opportunity to influence consumers just as L’Oreal did back when it arrived on the Chinese market some 20 years ago. Digital marketing agency based in Shanghai, we know the media to use and can therefore help you put together the best digital strategy possible in order to achieve your goals in terms of visibility , traffic or sales on the Chinese market . Also feel free to ask for our case study to have a better idea of ​​our expertise in digital marketing in China.

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