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For a few years, WeChat is THE HOTTEST social network been used by companies and brands as a promotional tool intended to communicate their products and services. According to iiMedia, there are a total of 12 million “official accounts” that can be related to the official pages of the brands on our favorite Facebook network, to us, Westerners. Between 2015 and 2016, the number of official accounts increased by 46% and shows interest in this type of communication. However, this increasing number of accounts strengthens the competition so it is necessary to distinguish yourself through these 12 million companies, and for this, one solution: is to become viral.

Understanding the WeChat ecosystem

Since its creation in 2011, Wechat has continued to develop its activities. Originally the platform was a call and message application that incorporated social features such as Facebook wall news feeds, group chats, WeChat groups, mobile games, online payments, etc.

These different capacities have allowed the app to become more than just a communication tool but a social media. The advantage offered by WeChat is to be able to use the app in a personal and professional way.

The slogan of the application “WeChat a new lifestyle” demonstrates the success of the group in the development of the platform since its creation more than 800 million users are active every day. WeChat has become an integral part of the daily life of Chinese consumers.

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The domestic and foreign brands were therefore quick to understand the interest in joining the platform to develop their business and gain visibility. But given the number of brands on the network, how is it possible to stand out to reach the consumer? The answer is to develop a strategy that will make your WeChat content viral.

Here are some tips you can follow to make your content viral :

Create emotion to encourage sharing

Internet users generally use social networks to decompress and escape the sudden stress in their daily lives. A user will find himself in content that he will see a scroll on his newsfeed and share. The Internet allows us to express the buried feelings of individuals and to make it known they share them.

Exchange with influencers, subscription account

The KOLs are personalities that are generally found on the Internet and whose individuals perceive them as experts in their different fields. For example, there are many influencers in the beauty, video games, fashion, literature, etc. Through virtual content share their experiences with Internet users.

This enthusiasm of the influential Chinese Internet users brings the brands to associate with them to reach the desired consumer target. Being real prescribers in the decision to buy consumers, maintaining a lasting relationship with these opinion leaders will only benefit your company.

Provide experience to Internet users

Interacting with your audience is a way to encourage them to share your content. For this to provide an effective experience to individuals is crucial. The aim is to create an offer of experience, based on the importance of co-production of the experience with the client itself and to provide functional content that will therefore be in a situation to provide value to potential consumers. The most common way to provide interaction on Wechat is to use the H5 pages.

Optimize your brand image

To gain some recognition on WeChat and to be perceived as a qualitative brand, your reactivity on the social network is de rigueur. To be recognized as an expert in your field several techniques are offered:

  • Create articles in your business areas: Creating qualitative content is the most crucial step in the virality of your business. Your content should be clear and organized for fluency in its reading and be also interactive so as not to lose it in your content.
  • Share your content: making your content visible is a good way to gain visibility also to satisfy and respond to the problems of Internet users
  • Comment on it! Feed your comments section, share articles from other companies that you find interesting, and interact with your environment.

Standing on Wechat is not an easy task, it takes a lot of work and patience because it takes a lot of time.

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