How to Easily Open a Weibo Account in English

open a weibo account

Although it is the second-largest social media platform in China, Weibo, so-called Chinese Twitter, is relatively unknown outside of mainland China. Weibo presents a huge opportunity for businesses looking to tap into the China market.

Weibo is a great way to connect with the Chinese market and can make your business more discoverable. Creating an account on Weibo is a fairly easy process. However, running your account and building a following may take time and effort.

In this article, we will show you how to open a Weibo account in English. If you need assistance or if you want to upgrade your account or verify it we are here to help. We are GMA, a professional China-certified marketing agency, based in the heart of Shanghai with many years of experience in this field.

Weibo goes international

Hosting millions of business accounts, Weibo has already crossed borders and become popular among many international celebrities too. These famous people use the page to reach out to their Chinese fans and increase their presence in China. Similarly, Key opinion leaders and influencers also make use of Weibo by creating promotional events and receiving huge attention from the audience.


By using Google translate on the website or app, the setup process may be a bit easier but If you’re looking for a better option, try Sina Weibo International. Not only does it provide translations, but it’s also much more user-friendly. That said, Weibo is most effective when posts are made in Chinese, so we recommend using Mandarin if you want to grow your profile. Additionally, we encourage businesses that are interested in building a serious follower base to verify their account.

How to open a Weibo account in English?

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to open an international and desktop Weibo account in English, so you can develop a successful strategy for this platform.

Create your Weibo International app

Weibo International is developed particularly for users who are located outside of china. The key advantage to using this app instead of others, such as Chinese Weibo, is that it translates user-generated content. Viewing posts on Weibo in English, you can understand what content performs well on the platform. 

Download Weibo International on App Store first. Go to your App store on your mobile phone and write Weibo on the search bar. You will see there are a few Weibo download options. Go choose the Weibo International icon and load the app to your phone.

Next, you will end up with a little pop-up message in Chinese characters. Click on the right one to agree with the user agreement and personal information protection policy.

Now comes up a sign-up page. Simply write down your mobile number and create a password. Don’t forget to tick the agreement part. Now instead of tapping on the big login icon, click on the right corner login via SMS option.

Then a license agreement shows up on your screen. Just view it and go back.

Next, you must receive an SMS with a password. Go ahead and enter your password.

 Go ahead and enter your password. Voila, your account is ready to use.

open a weibo account

Now with your account in English, you can navigate and discover the application. However, the posts still will be in the Chinese language.

open a weibo account

Creating a Weibo Website Account

Mobile phone apps are not your only option. If you wish to open an account on your desktop, you can easily use Weibo in English on a computer by following these simple steps below. In just a couple of minutes, you’ll be all set!

First Go to to sign up or sign in. If you haven’t opened an account yet on your mobile, simply enter your sign-up info on the right-hand side of the page. If you have already, then go ahead and sign in.

open a weibo account

Alternatively, to sign in you can use your mobile phone to scan a code. It is very handy. Try it!

open a weibo account

Now that you have successfully signed in, it is time to change language settings and make things easier for your eyes! Like the image below just go to the right-hand corner and tap on settings. This will open up a new page.

On this new screen, follow out steps on the image below and click on the language option. Choose English and here we are, you are all done.

We are your Agent in China, contact us today

Even though translating Weibo content into English is easy enough, posting original content to the platform can be difficult for those who don’t understand Mandarin or Chinese culture. For that reason, it is a good idea to get assistance from a Chinese marketing platform like GMA.

We have an experienced team of Weibo experts who can help you navigate the platform, guide you through the process and ensure your profile is properly set up to target your Chinese audience. To make the most of Weibo’s marketing potential without any of the hassles contact us today.


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