New Zealand Tourism and Yao Chen’s Wedding

The famous Chinese actress, Yao Chen, got married to her photographer Cao Yu. Their wedding was held in Queenstown in New Zealand on Nov. 17. However, the happiest one that day is probably not anyone of them, but the guffawing New Zealand Tourism Bureau.

The happiest one of the wedding

The news about Yao Chen’s marriage has been reported over 2.4 million times by news presses including all the influential portals like Sina, Sohu, and Ifeng.

The news not only spread through the news press but also through SNS such as Weibo. On Weibo, there have been over 110 thousand people talking about this.

No doubt that the beautiful scenery of New Zealand has made a big show to China.

Many people have been attracted by the gorgeous photo put in the news and Yao Chen’s Weibo (which attract over 26 million fans).

@阿罗西多 太美了。

(“美” means beautiful)

Powerful Key Opinion Leader

Key Opinion Leaders (KOL) refer to those people who are influential. Celebrities are typical key opinion leaders. And their influences are always used or sold to companies to promote their brands. In this case, the influence of Yao Chen was used to promote tourism of New Zealand mainly in three ways:

Yao Chen in New Zealand
Yao Chen in New Zealand

1. Influence of herself

As the “Queen of Weibo”, Yao Chen herself has already a big community and huge influence on Weibo with over 26 million fans. In another way, she is also one of the most famous stars in China. Every post she puts can get around 100 thousand shares and comments. Especially during her wedding, people will pay more attention to her.

2. Influence of her circle

The extraordinary influence of Yao Chen not only comes from herself but also from her circle. And many of her friends also have great influence in their own communities.

Yao Chen’s star friends share posts about her wedding in New Zealand

3. Influence of her fans
Maybe stars are a little bit too far from normal people, but if they have friends who happen to be fans of Yao Chen, they can be more easily to be influenced. And usually, they will be influenced unconsciously.


It’s reported that the cost of Yao Chen’s wedding is over 1 million Yuan (US$160,000). In the meantime, Chinese tourists spend 17.5 thousand Yuan on average, which means the cost of Yao Chen’s wedding equals to the expense of 58 Chinese tourists. If you think it’s easy, I’m afraid you made a mistake. In fact, it’s VERY easy to get. The video featured by Yao Chen trebled Chinese tourists to New Zealand two years ago.

What’s more, appearing as a piece of news about Yao Chen’s marriage, the beauty of New Zealand can hit Chinese tourists in an unconscious way which is becoming more and more popular in tourism marketing today.


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