New Zealand: top destination for Chinese tourists

It is well known that Chinese people represent THE new category of tourists. Therefore, all countries around the world are competing to attract these new travelers and meet their specific requirements and whims. The ultimate goal: becoming the top destination for Chinese tourists. But the question is: are Chinese tourists fully satisfied when they arrive at the destination they have chosen?


The 22 destinations which have succeeded in satisfying Chinese tourists

According to the China Tourism Academy, among 22 destinations studied, the most satisfying destinations for Chinese tourists in this year’s first quarter were New Zealand, the United States and Canada. At the bottom, we can find Cambodia, Indonesia and Vietnam.


Here is the new full list of the top-ranked destinations for Chinese outbound tourists:

1. New Zealand
2. United States
3. Canada
4. Australia
5. Singapore
6. Italy
7. Thailand
8. United Kingdom
9. France
10. South Korea
11. Germany
12. Japan
13. Spain
14. Philippines
15. Russia
16. Malaysia
17. Brazil
18. South Africa
19. Cambodia
20. Indonesia
21. Vietnam

So, the winner is New Zealand! What happened to France? You have probably noticed that France, which used to be the top destination for Chinese tourists, moved to the 9th place. The country is gradually losing its leadership in terms of Chinese tourists’ favorite destination.

New Zealand use online promotion !

Is there any links between the activties of New Zealand online and this good reputation ?

I really think so because nowadays , online is such important in this travel industry !

Selection criteria of Chinese travelers, whose number is increasing

The China Tourism Academy found that Chinese tourists were most dissatisfied about the level of safety abroad, as well as poor Chinese-language services and the cost of travel. On the contrary, overall atmosphere, transportation and urban management overseas got higher marks and positive feedbacks.

Meanwhile, the number of Chinese tourists abroad has continued to increase. According to China Tourism Academy estimates, 26.4 million Chinese people went overseas in the first quarter of this year, a rise of 17% from the same period last year. Total spending by these tourists reached $3.4 billion, with a 16%-increase.

Those figures are expected to increase considerably. According to CLSA estimates – Asia’s leading and longest-running independent brokerage and investment group – the number of Chinese tourists abroad is expected to reach 200 million per year by 2020, double the 100 million who went abroad last year.

Meanwhile, there are less and less visitors in China

Chinese people are less and less interested in visiting their own country because they refuse to suffer from smog and crowds across China. Consequently, it is no surprise that more Chinese tourists are choosing to pack their passports and go on holiday abroad. The results are alarming: the level of satisfaction among domestic tourists is the lowest it has been since 2009. The main driving factor is air quality. It is the same for inbound visitors: whether because of pollution or some other reason, the number of foreign tourists fell by 3%, down to 31 million. Yet, China offers tourist sites and magnificent landscape. So, it is unfortunate for China’s tourism industry.

How long will New Zealand stay the top destination for Chinese tourists? Will the U.S. overtake New Zealand? Is France going to catch up in the coming years? We will know it later…

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