10 new trends in the consumption of power, drinks in China and consumer perception.

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Food Safety :

Food Safety
China’s middle class has evolved rapidly, with a more and more raised income, we see that the standard of life changes and eating habits have changed too. Chinese make sure to eat better and pay attention to food safety. Indeed, in China there have been many food scandals challenging all kinds of products consumed in daily life, which has reinforced the concern among Chinese around food security. 86% of Chinese consumers pay attention to food security when they shop.
The incidents on food security have a significant impact on consumers, they will have less confidence in the brand. The majority of consumers against food additives, at least 88% of consumers in the cities of 1st and 2nd row are against. 25% responded to accept higher prices for food without additives inside.

A Healthy Food

Nourriture saine

Chinese consumers show greater interest in eating healthy food. It is true that today, consumers are paying more attention to what they are eating and stay healthy. They are sensitive to their body weight and care more calories in food.
There is a huge untapped potential in several segments of healthy food:
Consumers are now more looking for healthy food without food additives, ingredients organic, low in calories and has a slimming effect. These four categories are the trends that brands should develop.


We are the top and most visible Web & Marketing Agency for China you will find on the web. Our Services: E-Commerce, Search Engine Optimization, Advertising, Weibo, WeChat, WeChat Store & PR.

Food has become in recent years a recurring theme. Should you eat organic?
Chinese consumers embrace this new trend, they want to eat healthier, we offer them the solution of eating organic foods. Over 30% of consumers in the cities of 1st and 2nd rows often buy organic food. Consumers seek foods with fewer pesticides that can harm their health. Having a child will influence on how to consume the foods, parents are more vigilant about food. Families with high income are willing to pay more for organic food.

Packaging is important for ” gift “


A considerable number of people pay attention to product packaging. 88% of consumers will pay attention to the production date, the expiry date. 67% of consumers look at the ingredients and nutritional information that constitute the food. The vast majority who are concerned with nutrition are the parents. Indeed, in China we find the phenomenon of obesity, parents want to prevent their children from getting sick and care about many of the ingredients of the food they buy. They look for the list of ingredients and high quality products.

In terms of the package itself, consumers will necessarily be more attracted to packaging that make you want to eat, healthier, more fun to watch.

Globalization of the Food : More and more international Food ! 

There is a globalization of food: food is a great way to see ongoing trends of globalization. Cultures mix and include many different foods around the world. Globalization is changing people’s habits, the food is discovered by traveling, consuming imported products. Most Chinese (81%) say they enjoy eating globalization. In China, over 80% of consumers buy imported products: the most consumed products are products of everyday life. The consumption of imported products depends primarily on whether the consumer has children or not and also its income.


The Chinese are curious and willing to try new culinary experiences. 53% of consumers respond enjoy trying new. Consumers can try different food from different countries or traditional food. Innovation is needed in the kitchen to raise the puck Chinese consumers.

E-Commerce : Chinese buy food online 


The Chinese are big fans of e-commerce, we can see a rapid development of the food e-Commerce. Chinese consumers appreciate being able to purchase products on the internet and 80% of consumers responded buy their food online.

Many platforms offer to do your online shopping. To stimulate shopping online, many sites made promotions for Spring Festival.

 Healthy Food ! 


It has become popular to run, play sports to get in better shape. 34% of Chinese urban consumers of 1st and 2nd rows argue running in the daily life. Similarly, sports drinks are becoming popular in China and 51% of consumers say they drink a sports drink. Why drink sports drinks? 67% say it is in order to quickly regain strength and energy.

Take a small snack


In China, when you have the munchies it is very easy to find a small snack with small shops open 24 hours on 24 or in large shopping centers with a basement reserved for an incredible number of food stalls. The Chinese really like snacking, take a small snack between meals or at work.


More than ever, consumers expect a food that expresses their mood. 72% of consumers agree and prefer a food brand that personalizes.80% responded to prefer buy foods that reflect their personality. 72% are willing to pay more for a food brand whose image attracts. A custom image of the brand will attract more because most customers will find themselves through this image.

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