New Chinese President: the New Hope of Chinese Football


The new president of China: Xi Jinpin

The result of Chinese President Election of 2012 has released today. Xi Jinpin becomes the new leader of the most populated country in the world.

However, the 513 million Chinese netizens seem to be more interested how their new president can do to benefit the future of Chinese football instead of how he manages the country.

Xi’s three wish for China football

One year ago, Xi told the media that he has three wishes:

  1. China enters the World Cup
  2. China holds a World Cup
  3. China wins a World Cup

And now the news of his appointment as new president has aroused millions of Chinese football fans’ hope for the future. The topic about “New hope for Chinese football” has become one of the top 3 topics today.

@梵音弥北城:#中国足球大有希望# 老大带领我们勇夺世界冠军吧!

(Boss, please lead us to win the world cup!)


(With the words of next generation of leader, we have reason to believe it)

But there are also many netizens taking the third wish as a joke.


(Forget about the last wish, the other two are possible to realize)


(He will definitely take the last wish into his coffin~)

No matter people will believe Xi’s three wishes will be realized or not, his election has already increased people’s attention to football.





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