NANO JAPAN Skincare Supplements Are Seducing Chinese Beauties


Nowadays Japanese cosmetics are taking over the Chinese beauty market. Chinese cosmetics market experienced boom around Japanese cosmetics, as it was indicated by Euromonitor, sales of Cosmetics in China in 2017 reached RMB 358.77 billion ($54 billion) in 2017 and is expected to grow up to RMB 400 billion ($60 billion) in 2018. Especially high-quality Japanese cosmetics are in high demand among Chinese consumers. One of the great examples is NANO JAPAN which is really successful Beauty Supplement Brand, especially in China.  In a very short period of time NANO JAPAN became very popular and highly demanded its unique quality among Chinese beauties.

BEAUTY FROM INSIDE is a new trend

As they say, beauty starts from the inside, and that applies both physically and figuratively. On this occasion, Japanese skincare products also got extended up to beauty supplements. It shows the idea that our beauty is a reflection of what we consume. Beauty supplements are highly useful and demanded nowadays among Chinese millennials since these supplements improve skin issues from within by helping with tissue formation. One of the advantages of Japanese Beauty Supplements is that they are absorbed directly into the bloodstream and get delivered to your hair, skin, nails, eyes and etc.

COLLAGEN AND HYALURONIC ACID SUPPLEMENTS is a hot topic among Chinese Beauty Consumers

Furthermore, some beauty supplements contain hyaluronic acid and collagen. Have you ever heard about hyaluronic acid and collagen advantages to your skin? Let’s take a small excursion to chemistry..

In fact, Hyaluronic acid (HA) is a natural polymer that serves your skin as a great humectant, it draws water to the skin and helps prevent moisture loss. Plus HA can keep your skin glowing, and it also benefits your joints — all without the harmful side effects of toxic skin products.

Another nutritional element is Collagen and you might already wonder ‘why it is so vital to drink collagen supplements?’. Well, here is the simple answer for you… Collagen is vital for our skin, hair, muscles, and bones, it is a structural protein and made up of amino acids, that are building blocks of proteins. Our bodies naturally make collagen from the amino acids and vitamins and minerals (such as vitamin A, vitamin C, and copper) that we eat. It makes up 75 % of our skin, but collagen production in our body naturally decreases as we age. Collagen levels start decreasing about 1% each year after our mid-twenties.  In this case, it is highly recommended to start using collagen supplements.


Chinese choose NANO JAPAN beauty supplements

One of the Beauty supplements Japanese brands such as NANO JAPAN became very well-known and popular online in China.

Nano was one of the entry-level beauty brands in China, but within a short period of time, it reached its popularity and high demand for its products among Chinese millennials. NANO provides a wide range of innovative beauty supplements which contain one of the vital ingredients for your skin improvement such as hyaluronic, collagen, and even bird’s nest protein.

NANO IS seen as a Highly innovative brand

Nano is a technologically advanced and innovative company, it takes them only 6 months to establish a positive brand among Chinese Beauty consumers. It was founded in 2003 and gained a positive reputation in Asian countries due to its high quality and effective products. One of the advantages of Nano products is that they are affordable and highly superior quality Beauty and Health supplements. The company is highly dedicated to the finest standards of Japanese dedication & excellence. The brand NANO JAPAN is willing to make ordinary people, extraordinarily beautiful and life that is worry-free and beyond fulfilling.


In 2006 with the participation of co-founder Dr. Tommy Ong, Ph.D., NANO JAPAN started producing their products in the laboratory involved in life science research, offering public health screenings to grassroots communities and retailing health functional foods. NANO JAPAN products reached a great demand and later on within 6 years their products were distribution network expanded up to 20 countries & territories including Hong Kong, Dubai, Dar es Salaam where it operates 10 affiliate offices around the world.


In the beginning, their distribution channels were traditional, while e-commerce platforms started capturing consumers’ likings and imagination. In this sense, NANO JAPAN in 2013 became an exclusive online brand and was offering a wide range of incredibly high-quality clinically proven, hard-to-find beauty & health supplements to online shoppers.


NANO JAPAN to understand better the needs of the beauty & health supplement luxury market was working closely with the leading Japanese R&D laboratories involving the strong scientific knowledge and expertise of Japanese biotechnology in beauty & health.   The great research was focused on studying active ingredients, on developing and creating completely new and advanced formulations that could cater to the increasing demand of consumers.  The firm is strongly committed to their customers worldwide, providing only high-quality products that were created and manufactured originally in Japan and produced adhering to the highest levels of GMP, ISO and safety standards.

HOW NANO JAPAN Took Over Chinese Market ?

One of the achievements of NANO JAPAN is that it has already taken over the Chinese market successfully entering it only 6 months ago. Within that short period of time, the monthly exposure increased up to 2,000,000 from the comparatively smallest number in the past.

Beauty & health supplement brands became very well-known and highly demanded among Chinese consumers online.

NANO invest in ecommerce & E BRANDING in CHINA

This brand is a very short period of time reached great monthly sales revenue on A special digital marketing strategy was created to extend such outstanding and high-quality beauty supplements to the Chinese market.


KOL is the center of the digital strategy of NANO JAPAN,  was collaborating with a lot of KOLs were involved in the campaign on WeChat, Weibo, and LittleRedBook. Weibo and Wechat accounts reached a great number of followers from a small amount up to 10,197 and 3,897 respectively.


Based on this case, Here we collected the best tips for Cosmetics and Skincare Brands …

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As long as you increase the visibility of your brand, business, or product/service it will also be required to be engaged in establishing a positive reputation. In order to propose your business successfully, your company needs to be in front of the most applicable, target demographic for your business proposition. Being focused is the main the most vital factor, additionally, it also involves you developing your status on the platforms & sources where your target is most active.


In China, you will need to start building your reputation, simply due to the reason that English content, positive reviews on western media platforms will not be visible on the Chinese net. Mandarin Chinese Characters are used in the vast majority of internet research (over 97,5%).

Remember that the Chinese web is a unique ecosystem that requires a fresh and creative approach, right Chinese platforms should be chosen to build your visibility & reputation in order to target your consumers.


Forums are very important and popular in China, even though being in many parts of the world the Chinese are still highly active & engaged in community threads about many topics. Reasonable to mention that developing a positive reputation on sites such as Tieba, Zhidao & Zhihu (Q&A Forums) is highly recommended and very important, since Chinese consumers discuss, share information, leave reviews and offer recommendations.

In addition, one of the booming Beauty Chinese forums is Little Red Book, which highly popular among Chinese ladies. It has more than 5 million monthly users, which are searching the reviews on products which they are willing to purchase. It means that  Little Red Book is one of the top useful forums to promote your brand to Chinese millennials.


Nowadays China embraces the biggest online platform, where digital marketing dominates incredibly, while the whole world is dyed by traditional media and offline marketing. Remarkably that there are 550 million smartphones in China and in terms of developing nations globally this country has the highest penetration rate up to 65%.

Furthermore, since China’s online infrastructure improves very fast, it enables better connectivity which plays a great role for digital mobile marketing strategy, which works great. 


WeChat has 877 million active daily users, which means that it is a great tool for Chinese market entry, and definitely, it is a strong Launchpad for quality content. In order to get engaged with your target consumers, it is very important to have a presence here since WeChat is the number one social platform in China. WeChat gives the opportunity to create an official account for communications, build a following and push notifications to followers.  WeChat enables their users to pay via their Wallet service, and add other functions such as gaming, to e-commerce stores, location services, dating & even taxi-hailing.

When it comes to WeChat, we highly recommend just keeping it social. Businesses here are seen more as individuals, which means that you need to ensure that you closely get engaged with users since WeChat is a conversational platform and Chinese consumers expect (more so than we do in the west) to have personal interactions with brands on such platforms.


Chinese consumers buy being obsessed with branding, they purchase brands but not products. Chinese society is more likely fixed about the reputation or let say with the notion of “face”, due to that issue it is clear to understand that in order to express their “face” the most typical way of it is purchasing brands. In a society that is definitely led by consumer needs, when it comes to branding you need to consider this individual expression’s newfound desire.

One of the great advantages is that byword for quality in China is usually perceived for ‘international’ products, due to that fact establishing your own business as a quality foreign brand can allow you to get paid dividends in the long run.


Weibo in China is a platform similar to Twitter, it serves as a social microblogging network with uses able to see posts from anyone. A number of years ago it was at the edge of failure but due to Alibaba’s backing. Weibo is a big trend to watch since when it comes to supporting online sales via social media marketing efforts, this platform serves perfectly social commerce.

On Weibo, there are a lot of active online influencers and celebrities, they have an open news feeds and active, engaged communities. The bedrock of any social media campaign is the quality content, with external links, images, and text ‘call to action’ a priority if you want to heighten Chinese consumer engagement.


Established online figures are Key opinion leaders (KOLs), they have gathered large followings around themselves. Moreover, businesses or brands can recruit them due to the fact that they have a high influence. Specific communities and demographics can be targeted by different KOLs by providing quality targeted exposure.

The main point related to KOLs, the best approach, in this case, is that they should have created an “echo chamber” effect by using simultaneously the number on different platforms to post about the brand. That effect supports the brand’s legitimacy if lots of influencers are posting.


Baidu, which is similar to Google with its interface, in China has 75% of online research.  Since it is a very useful portal in China, a quality site, landing page, content & third-party references appearing on the search based on Mandarin Character Keywords need to be established in order to make businesses visible. The quality traffic can be benefited from the combination of Pay Per Click Ads & SEO.

Therefore, Baidu (bank-end optimization) allows websites to be built as tools for visibility, by using the right keywords optimized in your content as well as titles & descriptions. In the purpose of ascertaining the highest traffic for the best keyword price, selecting the best competitive keywords, in this case, is a must.


You might need to get a quality guide, which is vital in order to be able to navigate the Chinese market. We at GMA are an international team of 60 marketers, copywriters, publishers, and ad experts. We work in plenty of fields beginning from branding, ad strategy to lead generation. We are willing to be our clients’ team in China and build strong and long-term, serious relationships based on results and the achievement of clear KPIs.



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