A Model Sentenced to 9 Months in Jail


A 23-year-old model is sentenced to nine months in jail for crime of cheating and bluffing.

The rampant rumors on Weibo have annoyed both Weibo users and government for a long time. But this time,  23 years old model, Wang Xiaomeng, was caught pretending to be policewoman, cheating and bluffing and today, she is sentenced to nine months in jail with 1 year probation.


the post of the fake policewoman


In the post, she claimed to be a policewoman who found a job in her home town and had to fool around with her boss every day.

During the interrogation, she confessed that she made all the information up only for get more attention from others. In fact, she achieved her target, but the cost is 9 months in jail plus the ruin of her reputation.
Not only the law but also the Weibo users who are always in pursuit of fun say no to what she did.


Poll on Wang Xiaomeng's sentence
Poll on Wang Xiaomeng’s sentence


As the poll over the topic shows that over two-thirds of the voters uphold the court decision.
This is how the reputation of police is destroyed. They deserve what they have done because of their damage on the reputation of police.
She got popular finally, but nobody will care about her after she released…
Wanna increase the clicks? Please increase the IQ first.

Wang Xiaomeng is also the first one who is sentenced for pretending to be policewoman on Weibo. And the influence of this case shows the control on rumors on Weibo is becoming stronger. This trend will deeply influence the using and marketing strategy of Weibo in the future.

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