Mistakes to Avoid When Promoting your Business in China

Opportunities are plentiful when thinking about entering the Chinese market. Because everybody knows how attractive this market is. With a strong based economic power on the run. Despite all the uncertainty that the coronavirus brought to us. Chinese finds ways to make it stable and attractive for outsiders to come and invest. With a market full of possibilities and Chinese consumers are always attracted to the benefits that foreign brands bring along them. With a flourishing market that all companies dream about.

Where plenty of opportunities to succeed there are also many ways to fail. The Chinese market like any other is a challenging one. It does not work as any market in other countries. Chinese consumers have their own particularities. Therefore, in order to succeed you need to adapt.

Mistakes to avoid when doing business in China

Translation mistakes – You need Localization

The Chinese language is considered one of the most difficult languages in the world. 1.4 billion people can speak it. With that big amount of people but only distributed within China. If you want to do, business in China is recommended to speak Mandarin or at least work with them.

As a Wiseman once said, “If you talk with a person in a foreign language, you reach to their mind; if you talk to a person in their mother language you reach to their heart”. It is highly recommended not to use an online translator such as Google translator, Baidu, etc.… they do the work but give you a poor translation

Languages in general have their own grammar construction. This translator app usually skips the grammar and goes directly to the interpretation of the words without common sense. If you use a bad translation, you can create a bad buzz and would have the possibility to offend them. The goal is to promote good ties not destroy them.

In addition, China has such a big country. You can find many different cultures. Different cultures lead to very different personalities and are easy to be misinterpreted. Having a good understanding of their customs and traditions can be beneficial before entering the Chinese market. It is a good strategy to use this knowledge as an advantage for your business.

Always try to keep yourself in the culture and with people who can speak the language to help you have more direct and clear communication.

Work with the Chinese without losing your essence.

We advise you to always have locals on your team. They know their culture and how the local market flows. They can explain to you the way this market behaves and how to make your entrance into this market as smooth as possible. Having a good product in your home country does not mean you have success on your doorstep.

You need to research how to allocate your product without losing the essence of the product that made you successful in your local market. Allocating your product with an effective strategy can open the path to total success.

Chinese consumer behavior displays more and more inclination for foreign high-quality products. Keeping your essence while allocating it to the Chinese market is important. Also taking care of your intellectual property and not letting it be the target of counterfeits.

Sell your products with Chinese allocation maintaining the essence that brought you to success.”

Allocating your product to China

We have a good example of how allocation works in China. Let’s take McDonald’s as an example. The franchise has successfully opened thousands of stores in the middle kingdom. Each country always has a product that you can only find there because this is what consumers like.  In China, you’ll find Rice and spicy chicken; in France, a Croque-monsieur sandwich.

You need to adapt to China, not change your DNA.

Use the Chinese Communications Channels

China has a unique communication system. Is the country, which has adopted social media and internet platforms in the friendliest way? If you try to promote on Google, Facebook, or any other western social Media in China. You are most likely to fail. This displays your lack of knowledge of the Chinese market.

For example, you have :

  • Baidu – the Chinese google, the service we can provide are:
    • Audit & Market Research: We benchmark your current performance and see where you need to improve.
    • Baidu PPC Account: We take care of opening and managing your Baidu PPC account.
    • Optimize your Baidu PPC/ SEM: Faster and Better Results from paid search, converting clicks to customers.
  • WeChat: a multifunction platform where you can share moments, chat, and buy online.
    • We provide services for selling on the WeChat store such as: designing your store and store management. Translations, listing creation & management, blog posts… We make sure your store runs smoothly.
  • Weibo: Chinese Twitter, is a very open social media channel where Chinese people go to get the latest gossip.  They follow trends and find information about current topics.
  • Youku – the Chinese youtube

You need to forget all you think to know about advertising. You must understand Chinese consumers. Some tools are effective in your countries but will be a disaster in China because Chinese consumers don’t consult these communication supports.

So you understand that the Chinese market is not easy to succeed in. If you want to promote your brand you have first to analyze this market and understand how it works. You can also work with specialists in the Chinese market. They are used to working on that and they will help you develop the best marketing strategy you never have seen.

Gentlemen Marketing Agency, specialists in the Chinese Digital Marketing Landscape.

Our experience allows us to understand the Chinese market and know the real methods for success in this lucrative market.

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