Meet the Happiness with Didi , emotional Advertising campaign for China

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Back to Metropolis, Meet the Happiness

In May last year, “ Internet Cab Booking” became popular in the cab market. It seems just a service that provides cab booking online. However, in the past years, this phenomenon starts the trends of sharing economy services in the Chinese consumption market. The slogan of DIDI, the Chinese hottest car booking App, is “滴滴一下, 美好出行Click DIDI, Make your Journey Wonderful” became the most familiar new lifestyle. DIDI is evaluated as 255 billion RMB and it gonna meet 300 million demand on online car booking services.

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Didi in China

*This is why people say that the old-time without car booking App is gone. The market of car booking Apps is cruel. Competitors have to face the new policy implementation, allowance, merger & acquisition, and investment boom. DIDI stands on the edge of a precipice. However, the fierce competition environment is necessary for industry market regulation. DIDI as a car booking App company have shared 80% market in China, they actually provide new energy to the metropolis.

Since the DIDI setup, the game between them and their customers never stop. It is one of the reasons that DIDI became more and more strong. Every time when a new policy came out and new requirements from customers as the challenges are pushing the development of DIDI.

Didi Advertising

Four different scenes in this video are the daily epitome of DIDI in the city. When you left the important stuff in the car, when you go back home without a light, or when you are in an emergency, DIDI drivers are changing to the hero with “magic”. These little lucky things become happiness for the customers.

A necessary role in the society!

Different from other spreading ads made for customers on the internet, ‘who said only superhero can save the world’ from DIDI is more like warm ads for DIDI drivers.  In 400 Chinese cities, there are 15 million DIDI drivers are engaged in the DIDI system, including cabs, special cars, express cars, driving, test drive, and bus. For DIDI, the DIDI drivers are playing an important and necessary role in the social systems.

It seems DIDI never lacks warm-feeling ads from its brand. From the hurt point of customers to the emotional resonance, we can find DIDI are observing their customers in detail. We also can sense their social responsibility as a sharing economy platform. When we hear the slogan, ‘not every superhero has to save this world as a superhero’, this ad video is more like to recall the thanks from customers to drivers. This also enhance the sense of identity and pride of DIDI drivers.

The sharing economy in China

Nowadays, if the sharing economy could be real or not is still a hot discussion topic in society. DIDI, as an App owns 300 million users and 15 million drivers, is facing critics from all the industries in society as well. Under the critics and questions, “imperfect” DIDI insists on its initial brand idea. Within its brand idea, DIDI never give up to discover and push the revolution of the new market.


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