What is Medium ?

Medium has been created by the founders of Twitter and Blogger in august 2012. It is a digitale platform where users can pulish articles and organised them by « collections ». This articles can be shared and recommend by other users who discover this articles, so it can feet to individuals, amateurs, bloggers, journalists, brands or companies.

I create my first article on medium , and Boom medium get blocked in China.


Medium-LogoWhat is the situation for Medium in China ?

Since the 10th of april, a report have been post that inform Medium suffered of web censorship in China.

Medium could have been blocked for different reasons regarding to the regulation which is applied in China.

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) always keep a look and have the right to accept or not any foreign companies which are implenting in China even if this companies are physic of digital. The fact that Medium have been censored could be explain for different reason. The first is that the CCP want to have access or backdoors on every sites of social media so they can access to any websites in China. The second is linked to the fact that different subject can not be publish on the Chinese Web like any subject liked to politic (especially against the Chinese Government), sex, violence and crime topics. This king of website which purpose sensitive subject for the government might be under invertigation and accused of hosting content that are too vulgar, sexual or violent or even content that incites users to commit crimes.

So a platform like Medium where users can publish any kind of topics from all over the world and especially in China without the approval of the CCP may pass through the Government eyes and be judged or directly blocked for not feeting to the Chineses Nation.

China’s Governement is well known for its censorship or protectionist politic against foreign companies’ products and services. Time will tell us if Medium can fix this issue on the Chinese Market which have more than half of the population connected to Internet.


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