Medical goes through the Web in China 

When you say medical, what are the first words that you are thinking of? Medicines, doctors consultations… etc. The “E-health market” could weigh up to $ 100 billion by 2020. The Chinese government is planning to invest about 9.5 billion dollars in the development of this digital health.

The healthcare market has experienced a real saturation with internal management problems. In response to this, the system has found in the digital a way to make the process going easier.

Alibaba, Baidu, JD are healing China

The giant Alibaba is never far from the burgeoning sectors where you can earn profits. Alibaba launched itself on the diagnosis online market with the company Dian Diagnostics located in Zhejiang and also on the pharmaceutical market.

Of course Alibaba is not the only one player, there are other mains actors such as Baidu which is offering online services such as consultations and appointments. Jing Dong with Shanghai Pharmaceuticals is also trying to compete with its rivals in the sector.

The industry tends to be standardized

medical sector

Very often the value of the medical industry is attached to the idea of safety and precaution. Years ago, nobody would have thought to consult and to get advises from his doctor online because digital cannot be combined to medical; both seems not to be compatible. Health problems or medical diagnosis were too sensitive to be evaluated online. However this trends tends to change, take the example of the application Ping An Insurance Doctor offering its online consulting services. More and more companies funded by Xingren Doctors are also getting into these online consultations.

Online reputation and content

How these companies manage to stand out compared to others? Thanks to a strong online reputation.

Although building an SEO strategy is essential, you must have a solid online reputation if you hope to attract potential customers and especially in the medical field because it affects directly the human body. If you have got bad comments or bad feedback, you won’t surely not get a lot of customers.

Another key point to note is the content that you will display on your website. The content needs to be professional and above all, you have to make the public trust in your words. You must hit the target without drowning in overly complicated explanations nor too scientific.


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