Maternal Health Supplements in China


Pregnancy itself is an amazing journey for parents-to-be, especially for a woman. Apart from this life-changing experience, there are some things that make these 9 months one of the most life-draining months of your life. That’s why some mothers are considering or/and purchasing maternal health supplements to ease pregnancy and postpartum.

According to Maternal and Child Nutrition, a journal that took a study of 695 mothers in Sichuan Province. The use of mother health supplements is not uncommon, the level of consumption in the U.S., Europe, and China is similar.

Today, in China the maternal health supplements market is still growing. In this article, I am going to mention what kind of maternal supplements are the most important to take as a mother-to-be. Apart from that, I will also explain the maternal health culture in China and how to take your brand to China.

 The maternal health supplements market

Vitamin D

The Health Council advises every pregnant woman to take vitamin D on a daily basis, as it appears that during the pregnancy the mother has a higher need for this vitamin. This vitamin is important for the absorption of calcium (needed for the development of bones and teeth), but vitamin D also plays an important role in the functioning of the mother’s immune system.

Folic acid or vitamin B11

Every pregnant woman should also consume folic acid some weeks prior to a possible pregnancy. The mother should use folic acid minimally until ten weeks pregnant. According to a study, this vitamin reduces the likelihood that the child is born with an open Bifida by 50%. We all consume folic acid or vitamin B11 in our diet, but not enough to protect a child. Therefore, it’s important for a pregnant woman to add folic acid supplements to her diet.

Multivitamin tables

Apart from folic acid and vitamin D, a pregnant woman with a standard healthy diet does not have to consume extra multivitamin tablets or dietary supplements. Unfortunately, the latest food consumption studies show that only 5% of women eat the recommended daily amount of vegetables and a small 10% eat the recommended daily amount of fruit. This also applies to the recommended amount of fish.

In addition to vitamin B11 and D, these multivitamin tablets also contain all the other vitamins and minerals that are important for mother and child.

Fish oil

Fish oil is very important for the development of the brain and eyes of your unborn child. It is recommended by the Health Council to eat fish at least twice a week. If a pregnant woman doesn’t eat enough fish, she should take extra dietary supplements with omega 3.

The maternal health culture in China


For many years, pregnant Chinese women have changed their diet during their pregnancy to improve their and the baby’s health. Traditionally, in the Chinese culture, there are many meals and drinks that are good for a pregnant woman.

As an example, I am going to talk about healthy Chinese soup. All Chinese women consume this special soup during their pregnancy because it has many vitamins and nutrients. The soup consists of a lean type of meat and various Chinese vegetables such as; mushrooms and snow fungus. A drink that goes well with this meal is a red tea that is made of 3 types of berries.

In Chinese culture these things have been existing for many years. They are convinced that these dietary changes prevent complications like morning sickness. Moreover, all Chinese women could relate to this and all Chinese mothers had already consumed these meals.

How to sell maternal health supplements in China

To market in China, you will need to have a clear strategy to approach your target audience. Following this paragraph, you will find 3 business ideas to promote your business in China. Of course, there are more but these are the first basics you will need.

Trustworthy Reputation

First, I highly recommend you, to create a trustworthy image for your company. A business that has a good image or reputation is more likely to do very well in the long run. In addition, a memorable logo is very helpful to draw the attention of your target audience and lingers on in their memory. As an example, you can look at all the brands, that have made it globally. They have won the trust and loyalty of their customers, hence why they are so successful.

Website accessible for Chinese customers

Secondly, a communication tool your flower business should have is a website, especially in China. Today, we live in a society where everyone has access to the internet 24/7. A website is a very cost-effective solution to reach a large audience. And do not forget that mothers can order health supplements online as well.

Never underestimate the power of Social Media

And lastly, if you are going to take your maternal health supplements business to China, you will need to be active on social media. I am not talking about Twitter, Facebook, or WhatsApp. In China, it’s all about WeChat. It’s the best platform to update people about your new prices or special deals. Your social media page should always have the right balance between interesting text and nice visuals such as pictures and videos.


In China, Social media are completely different from western ones. They offer many options. The first stage to advertise your products with We chat is to get an official account. But it is not always easy as a foreign brand. We did this many times so we can help you to do that. It is a good way to release frequent information and to connect with your followers. However, if you want to reach Chinese consumers you need to create a Chinese account which is not possible if you don’t have a legal entity in China. So we need to be associated with a third-party company. The procedure can take a long time and may not be easy. We have the contact to help you.

KOL Marketing

You can use these influencers to get better visibility for your products. The idea is that you pay them and then they can share your content. You reach more people because of your community of followers. This way can be used to promote brands, products, services, campaigns, and so on. You also have the possibility to give them gifts in order to create excitement among their followers when they share them. Sometimes, it can be interesting to organize a contest between several KOL. You ask them to produce videos, comics, or other creative things. Then the followers have to vote for them in the competition. This is a very good way to connect and involve the followers.


In conclusion, there are some traditional remedies in China to ease pregnancy, which doesn’t mean that Chinese women don’t consume maternal health supplements. On the contrary, this market is rapidly growing and is about to take off. This could be an exquisite opportunity for new businesses. Despite that entering the Chinese consumer market may sound intimidating, you should keep in mind that China has a huge purchasing power and could definitely give your business a great boost.

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